Rant thread

Rant about “features” or game mechanics that annoy you or that you deem more a of a hindrance than being useful.
I am curious if we have similar things that annoy us everytime we interact with them.

For me that would be airlocks leading to space automatically bolting themselves when you unbolt them via command. Like for fucks sake, why do I have to do it several times for it to stay unbolted.

For me its firelocks. Old firelocks are better.

These new ones are hell with fastmos and are either too fast or too slow.


Disposals not flushing fast enough.
Door remotes defaulting to toggle bolts instead of opening doors.
Light tube hand burning.
Slow firelocks.
Rolling to put out fires does jack shit.
The existence of Krav Maga.


The pop up error when you click on cleanbot settings too fast, saying you dont have the permission to click this.

You having to press overload on apcs a thousand times to empty it, giving you arthritis. And if you click too fast the “a gm has been notified” message pops up and you can’t do it again.

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I wish bots have the most used settings on construction tbh, or maybe way to mass set them…
circuits gone ;w;

air can fling you across 3 different corners of the station and you cant stop on the walls

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atmosbots instantly going on patrol without temperature control being activated

I love making 200+ of those :flushed:

Wardens who don’t realize that space law lets you throw the annoying assistant into perma if its the third time they got arrested for assaulting non-humans or something.

Atmosbots being free airmix miners.
The fact that I can’t access the ban page right now.
The fact that AI upload on Metastation has six flashes but Box only has one.
Clearing out pipes already filled with something like cold plasma when you’re trying to work on something else.

Some stations not having armsky.

securitybot ai being completely shit and not stunning someone when their main target is already bodied. #makebeepskyrobustagain

armory having a glass desk. Why the fuck should you be able to rob armory with a fire extinguisher?

r&d console not refreshinng the points in the window, you have to update it manually every 2 seconds like an idiot

emagged floorbot not making space leaks, as advertised in the wiki

there being no short summary on chemicals in the synthesizer for medborgs.


inability to weld the pipes to the ground so shitide doesnt unwrench my certified hot flaming shitmix :tm:

also you cant place pipes on top of the floortiles if there are ones already existing under

Corgstation existing.

Security personnel going into perma without warning the warden.

Security personnel going into perma without a reason.

The existence of glowshrooms.

Cargo techs asking to order guns when nothings happening

People hounding the obviously busy cmo for something unimportant

People who dont answer their radios/pdas

Labor camp still being easy to break out of

People who turn on the sm without being 100% sure it wont explode

Cargo techs that dont realize delivering packages is part of their job

People who call the shuttle at the first sign of danger and police the comm consoles to prevent a recall


People who use spray tan on other people

The robot virus symptom that makes your voice an ugly font and obnoxiously large

Ais who open prison doors on command

People who whine the whole time they’re being searched or arrested

People who idle in medbay

Miners who go straight for tendrils (and die) instead of mining first

THIS IS SUCH A HUGE GRIPE FOR ME. Especially the latter. May I also add that you can’t place gas meters directly onto pipes

Genetics still using the old ui with pop up windows that when you click on the letters too fast wont change anything.

When you try to click on an opened airlock frame to close it but instead the fire doors come down.

AI not being able to read the stations Power output/input console. Why is that a thing?

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Being able to flash yourself as a cyborg.

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All the in-game guide books and anything that opens a web link breaking because the links are surrounded by quotes for some reason (if you know how to fix this please tell me).


Not being able to do surgery on someone because some dungus did not finish their old surgery at some point in time. Also that you can not health scan during surgery.

Gas miners

Keeping atmos operational was never a rocket science to begin with but now an atmos technician is just a role for autism projects with no tension or responsibility.
Instead of working on this closed loop system of gases you have infinite amount of them, nobody ever checks tank pressures any more, you don’t worry about usage of gases and you just put volume pumps or straight pipes everywhere, you don’t worry about temperature of tanks which could increase after fires when hot oxygen and nitrogen was filtered back into their respective tanks.
Literally had a situation the other day when tanks started heating up, I started to work on cooling system to bring them down to 20 degrees C while the other atmosian just came in, turned off filters and set waste to be ejected to space. Why wouldn’t they do it, we have source of infinite amount of gases so there’s no point in filtering and collecting them

Also being able to RCD the floor to vent air to space, especially being able to remove floor in SM chamber. Its basically a magic solution to save delaminating SM, I would place it in the same category as building wall on the crystal, which we luckily got rid off. People just remove floor in SM chamber every time it starts delaming, its often so unnecessary and sadly more and more often I see people not being able to figure what’s wrong with SM if that one thing doesn’t instantly fix it.
We had a very good engineering staff for a long time and quality seems to be dropping, sadly changes that are introduced (not only to engineering) are often leading to even more dumbing down and making things almost impossible to screw up

This happens because people are whiny bastards.