RandyJenkins banned by ZodrakDovah

CKEY: RandyJenkins

Admin’s CKEY: ZodrakDovah

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server ban

Ban Length: 1 day

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/28/2019

Round ID: 8489

Ban Reason: As a shadowman, ran around the station breaking lights until fights were started, did not hesitate to be the first one to deal damage in response to shoving, sometimes he even attacked without being messed with prior, after going to different places he went back to find people he has previously fight and re-fight them, his reasoning is that lights hurt shadowmen, this may be true but he could have explained that, or even hit the light switch, or went anywhere else that didn’t have lights. Appeal on the forums if you believe it unjust.

Appeal Reason: I believe this ban to be unjust. Firstly, some reasons provided for the ban are incorrect. The ban reason states that I attacked people unprovoked, which is false. I never attacked anyone unprovoked. The ban reason also states that I sought out those people which had attacked me before and started another fight with them, which is also false. Let me explain what happened from my point of view.

I as a shadowling clown made it my mission to destroy the lights around the station so I could walk around and play the game normally without dying in the well-lit hallways. I started destroying the lights in the theatre and bar and then moved on to the hallways. While walking in the hallways I was attacked by Micah Peterson with a cultivator multiple times unprovoked. I told him to stop and told him that light hurts me. He did this 3 times and then followed me to the bar. We had an extended fight during which I was calling security and telling him to stop. I fended him off once, and he came back to the bar to attack me again. I fought him again and fended him off, again calling security and telling him to stop. He came back a third time, so I threw a pie at him and hit him a few times with a kitchen knife I was given by the chef to defend myself with. This made him go away permanently, as was my intention. This was not an unprovoked attack, it was a long drawn out confrontation where Micah was the provoker, not me, and I wanted to end it, which I did by defending myself appropriately from another attack by Micah.

I went out in the halls to destroy more lights and was being harassed by multiple people while doing so. I destroyed most of the lights on the Eastern and Southern sides of the central hallways, and was content. I went back to the bar and stayed there for a while. While I was at the bar, people people including the bartender started to shove me so I escalated the situation appropriately by hitting them with a violin. Shoving is a provocation, and I escalated the conflict to deter my attacker. This deterrence worked but made me enemies. By this time the bartender had called a cyborg to repair the bar APC which I had destroyed as it gives out light and power to the nearby slot and vending machines. I went to destroy it again and the bartender interrupted me saying he would kill me if I continued. I told him that light hurts me and he didn’t care and told me to leave the area altogether. I told him that I was in the theatre which was my turf but he persisted. He and the cyborg moved in to attack me and managed to down me, critting me and then throwing me into the kitchen light where I later died. I never started a fight with anyone.

ZodrakDovah claims that I attacked people unprovoked citing log evidence of one instance. I do not recall doing this, and I believe he cited the log evidence out of context. If I ever hit anyone it was because they were antagonizing me. Secondly, I pose the questions of what rules I broke to warrant the ban, and how I should have handled the situation differently so as to not have been banned?
Additional Information: I told people who asked me why I was breaking the lights that I was a shadowman. People with their flashlights on were following me to hurt me.

Add breaks. Nobody wants to read a wall of text.

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Ok so let me break this down…

So this here is what got you into trouble. Damaging the lights in public areas so non-shadow races can’t see, but it could also be considered as aiding a nightmare. IC characters can force you to stop, but this does not make you valid, so the first incident with Micah you were not in the wrong.

Destroying an APC is serious destruction of station property, compared to lights breaking an APC makes you completely valid so the bartender had every right to lynch you right there.

Judging from the fact that you persisted in your mission after multiple players attempted to stop you and even went as so far as to destroy an APC instead of just asking a borg/engineer to disable the lights in an area (or using a light switch, which is available in some areas). Dovah may had seen your actions as greifing, in addition to attacking players over it. Considering it’s only a day ban that will be over sometime today I don’t see any reason to turn it over.


The part that separates it from just trying to survive, is your ability to go anywhere else, and not keep coming back to the bar again and again to destroy the lights, you could have gone anywhere that a light switch existed, or even into maint. You weren’t trying to just stay alive, if that were the case you would pick literally anywhere else and not resort to breaking lights. You picked the most destructive way, and of course were stopped and even kicked out of the area and kept coming back to mess with that area. You didn’t even explain yourself or hit the light switch.