RanDoom_Guy21 banned by GiggaGuy

CKEY: RanDoom_Guy21

Admin’s CKEY: GiggaGuy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Ban Type: Temporary

Ban Length: two weeks

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 29-05-2021

Round ID: 30101

Ban Reason: As a nonantag assistant deconstructed windows to security prison cells due to boredom

Appeal Reason: i have learned my lesson that i should not destroy property since that counts as self antag, and i dont wanna wait two more days.

Additional Information: im sorry if my appeal looks like absolute trash, first time getting banned

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What sort of character do you want to RP as on Sage?

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i dont understand the question, please explain

You were banned from only the RP server. You want lenience on your ban despite a decent history of very poor RP conduct.

So… what sort of character do you intend to RP if we grant lenience?

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i guess a normal one? someone who supports the crew by doing his job. if thats what you wanted to hear, correct me if i misunderstood

I’ll try a different approach - tell me what “role-playing” is, and tell me what it means to “act like your character”

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what i understand under roleplaying is playing as if i were this person, and behaving like the person i am currently playing as

So following that, give me an example of a character you might play:

  • What are their interests?
  • What upsets them?
  • What sort of unusual talents or faults or experience do they have?
  • Do they have faults at all, or do you only think of perks?

(you don’t have to follow your answers here specifically, nobody is going to reference this or anything else as a character sheet, I’m just trying to ensure your poor history doesn’t continue to persist before I give a +1 to lifting it early)

my character enjoys helping his crew with anything avilable, dislikes it when people do unneeded stuff like needlessly being a nuisence to the crew, my character has no talents neither does he have any special perks.
hope this is the answer you wanted to see

Based on your note history I think you might enjoy Golden more. Have you tried playing there while you’ve been off Sage?

yes i did, and all i witnessed is entirity of medbay getting blown to peaces, people being complete idiots sometimes and the server being completely dead 99% of the time

Bit of a lazy answer, so one last line of questions then, all assuming you are an assistant since that is what you were banned as:

You hear screaming over comms about a syndicate attack on Science with a double energy sword - how do you react and what do you do?

You find two players in crit in the hall, both conscious enough to whisper and both claiming the other attacked them. What do you do?

You have become addicted to meth due to circumstances beyond your control (spiked food, for instance). The chemists in medbay are refusing to comply with your requests for meth. What actions would be fitting for your character to take?

Also I would like to tell you on behalf of all the administrative staff that the answer that we want to hear is the truth.

As for your experiences on Golden, why not try making it a better place? The most common gripe is that there aren’t players online, and the best way to change that is by playing there. As well, if you’re playing on the server you can also help change the dynamic of gameplay there.

  1. i would go there and hopefully help survivors get out of there
  2. i would bring both to medbay and call in sec to question them.
  3. i would ask a doctor or the chemist for a way to get rid of my addiction

well i could try, i do my best to maintain the station when i can by wiring solars or fixing breaches

is what i do, i assist

I asked difficult questions all across the thread so far, and what I’m getting is more or less what you already said: You’re trying very hard to give the answer you think we want to hear rather than really approaching the situation as a character would.

I agree with Sergei for the most part after the very half-hearted answers. To give a detailed breakdown tho:

1). Generally rushing immediately to where antags are ruins the round for them and results in massive valid-hunting dogpile. Normal folks have a healthy fear of being killed instead of rushing into danger to help, even if you worded this as pulling bodies out

2). Is a good answer, and also the simplest question of the three.

3). NGL this one was intentionally tricky. An addict is not a reasonable person, especially in the face of refused cooperation.

so no unban and i stay on golden?

Ultimately that will be up to @GiggaGuy, but that seems to be the way things are leaning.

As for helping us understand the situation: Why’d you deconstruct the security windows?

boredom, and pretty sure they were being dicks so i just took their windows out of spite