RandomDudeFromTheRim player report in the rounds 39314 and 39315

CKEY: doktorwueue

Your Discord: #5150

Offender’s CKEY: RandomDudeFromTheRim

Offender’s In-Game Name: forgot which name for 39314 and for 39315 Metacrisia Eucrossa

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage both times

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 16.07.2022

Round Number: 39314 and 39315

Rules Broken: Rules 1 and and rule 7

Incident Description: in round 39314 they from roudn start wanted to be turned into a sandwich by having their brain removed from their body , then put into an MMI , then deepfried and then turned into a sandwich. ( this isnt really RP wanted to be turned into a sandwich). I was a robo and aksed me to perform this i said no . they then got mad at me whiel the clown tried to break in. they later both come back rushing in ( the person i report now as a tlakign sandwich) and i both flash them out of it. i dotn exactly remember if i got insultet here yet but uncertain so i will say no. Later on in a pod when the station is being blown ( near roudn end) they are inplanted in the clown and insult me .
i say nothing to thats.
In round 39315 they late ron come to my lab with a deepfryer and ask to be truned into bread. i again refuse and get called a total bitch for it. i think they said in common: crew can you tell Daniel tostop being a total bitch?. they then seem to be later implanted into the captain as a bread.
to me this is pretty LRP behaviour and maybe even usage of a bug?
I just want them to be talked to thats such behaviour is not ok on our server

Additional Information: i chekced they are a account with only a few hours ( like 6 or 7 now ater these rounds) and they knwo how to do this,


I believe I actually saw this, I was observing the captain and this person was inside of them as an MMI, I thought they were just in the backpack at the time though.

I’ll deal with this report today :+1:
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in touch with this player.

Tons of 0RP. Between constantly wanting to be turned into a sandwich (and implanted into people? “chest cavity implant me in the clown.”) and the logs ( “feelsbadman.” , “hehe he ded funni”, “LUSTY XENO MAID EXPANDED” , “BRUH”, “tell him the ching billing” , multiple “E” , etc)
Constantly harassing you, many times during multiple shifts. This is not acceptable.
A lot of filter bypass (“gamin and gainin”, “gamin”, etc).
This behaviour is not welcome here, i’ll take action.

Report processed