Random Nightmare Discussion Thread

Didn’t admins/mods saying that Nightmares smashing APCs and powerstorage units from roundstart was metagaming? Its such a pain in the ass for us engineers to repairs APCs, it makes our rounds so much worse when they do that shit.

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No? Nightmares exist to spread darkness, disabling power in areas is a very practical way to accomplish that. Also APCs themselves make light.


Ok so next time I’m playing Nightmare I can smash APCs and Power storage units? I just want a clear precedent because rulings on here are so inconsistent. Is ruining the SM valid as well because it does help produce light technically…

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Absolutely, antags without objectives should suit their own needs, nightmares taking out power in order to remove light from the station is a much more efficient method rather than manually smashing every lightbulb

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We don’t really work off past precedent as things vary on a case by case basis. But smashing APCs as a nightmare isn’t normally going to violate any rules, that’s just something they do. I’m not sure how we’re being inconsistent here? I’ve never heard anyone say or even imply that nightmares couldn’t do that.


So can I sabotage SM as well since it helps produce power (which produces light)?

I’m going to move this conversation to a new thread as this is getting a bit off topic for this report.

I wouldn’t recommend sabotaging the supermatter, not in a way that could delaminate it at least. That’s not really comparable to destroying APCs/SMES. Doing that much damage is both out of scope of what a nightmare should be doing, and also space tiles aren’t actually dark so they hurt you. You’d also run the risk of it turning into a singularity or a tesla if you actually sabotaged it and that would be way out of line.

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Split from this report.

I just have no idea what a Nightmare is and isn’t supposed to do because there are literally no guidelines for them IC or on the Wiki. “Avoiding light” isn’t really a good guideline since 90% of the station is lit up by default.

you can kill as much as you want as long as you keep focusing on turning off lights (breaking APCS, hitting light fixtures, hitting people wearing lights, hitting smes…)
the main thing to remember is an open space tile has light - and thus destroying the station with bombs/the SM is not good at all.

What a useless antag, so they just make janitor and engineers life hell (some of the least played roles already) wow great design. ?XD

Every time I see a nightmare, I just wish Vampires or Shadowlings were a thing still…

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Nightmares are supposed to spread darkness, that is their main goal, not to kill people. They have limited ability to murderbone, but yet again, not their goal, and they still have to follow antagonist conduct. You shouldn’t be going far out of your way to kill people and you shouldn’t cause massive damage to the station (the objective to spread darkness doesn’t justify it). Sabotaging the supermatter causes significant damage, you can’t do it. Nor can you go maxcap places or burn them down or anything of that sort. Funnily enough doing any of those things would additionally be actively detrimental to you.


janitor is one of the most played roles, and a lot of my playtime is as a janitor, so that’s straight up not true. (doesn’t really matter though)

it is a rare mid-round event specifically dedicated to being a hard threat for security to deal with while making the round last shorter due to the problems their appearance causes.Just like pirates (destroy all the mats and thus crippling every department) or abductors (make half the station have organs that spew terrible shit along with brain traumas making them unable to work)

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Their goal of spreading darkness almost inherently puts them at odds with the general crew. There are exceptions, sometimes they’ll get along, but more often than not they don’t. Nightmares help to make the round more interesting. (Also gives engineering something to do)

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Pirates at least have a clear goal; There is literally no IC explanation for what you do as a Nightmare other than (light hurt). Its like if Changeling’s IC goals were don’t get put in Chaplain’s oven or kitchen meat grinder.

When you spawn as a nightmare, a small blurb explain that your existence is to spread darkness and have it reign supreme because you’re some sort of magical representation of it. I can’t codedive rn so i can’t find the exact blurb.
But there is one.

They either camp in dorms (or some other area no one ever uses) or just gets ganked like 40 minutes in. its a waste of midround antag, at least pirates don’t bust out lights and make life hell for people.

It’s still shit considering they can just wrap away instantly and further discourages people from playing engineer. I’ve never seen a Nightmare type anything more than like one sentence in chat.

Pretty clear what the nightmare does. Antagonist antagonizing through breaking lights and spreading darkness, attack folks who try and fix it. Don’t see how thats bad.

It’s boring, shit, and spawns way too much. That’s my problem.

Wear flashlights, put one on the floor and pull it along, have flashlights turned off in our backpack in case it destroys one you’re already wearing (as it only destroys things currently emitting light)…
They don’t warp away, they just become invisible and can go through walls, but this is limited to areas of darkness and won’t work in the light.

Man, you’ve only seen shit nightmares then, so no wonder you think they’re an annoying useless role.

Also, pirates literally make life hell for the entire station, as they remove all the mats and creds, and if they activate their credit withdrawal machine, they will block all shuttles from moving. Meanwhile, they’re free to kill everyone on their way

I agree it spawns a bit too often though.