Randalthevandal banned by fighterslam for murder

Title: [randalthevandal] banned by [fighterslam]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Attacked and killed someone with the hypertool for seemingly no reason. Appeal & explain on forums.
Appeal Reason:
I had to explain my side of the story so here it goes.
It was on the shuttle and some adbus happenend on it
where there was a pool of water around it me as a chapel went in it with a few others.
So I saw an cuffed janitor so I thought Hey I could keep him locked up in the pool
so I grabbed him and sec did not do anything and with that the guy started trying to break free
after uncuff me and the rest tried to stop him from breaking glass by pushing him
after a bit he started attack me and a few others with the flywacker what deals I think 15 damage to
the moth race. So I tried to supress him with hypertool in hopes getting one of the stun types of damage. After all that I had to leave early since it was very late for me so thats how I got the explain ban
Additional Information:
Its been one and a half year since I got this ban so my memory is a bit fuzzy.
alongside my anger problems are much less now so stuff like this won’t really happen.
This is my first appeal so I got a bit stressed at making it



Please look up your ban on our bans page and fill in the ban reason.

regardless of what exactly went down back then, a year and a half is enough time passed to apeal this perma.

Edit: removed section about needing a vouch as this is apeal on forums ban

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It appears to be an appeal-on-forums ban. Do they still need a vouch for that?

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Well, see that confusion wouldnt have happend if they’d just filled out the form properly.
No, in this case a vouch is not neccary.

Fill in the missing ban reason and I’ll unban you.
With this being an appeal-on-forums ban - you could have gotten this dealt with back in 2021 you know?
More then served your time by now

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Ok thanks I filled it out.


I strongly recomend re-reading our rules and shit so we dont find our selves here again any time soon.