Randal The Vandal gets reported again

CKEY: Motespeck

Your Discord: malfunctioningvideofeed

Offender’s CKEY: Randal The Vandal

Offender’s In-Game Name: Lucy Lacemaker

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-08-15

Round Number: 45374

Rules Broken: Do not grief/self antag

Incident Description: Lucy found me and HoS dead in maints and was told by the nightmare to leave. They responded by looting my body and then never telling any medical or command staff about the body. They later also tried to kill the captain and prevented cap/hop from reviving me and hos while shouting about killing the two on the radio.

Additional Information: I latejoined, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more self antag from them that round I didn’t see

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All I took was the itself bag and I don’t think it was the HoS.
as for me getting “arrested” it was simply HoP and a slime captain trying to crit me with cell damage.

as for me not calling medical I would have thought HoP would already done that since he had one of the bodies.

for the rest of the round I saved a husked ashie and gave two laz injectors to the crew duo dead pets. I really think this is an unfair report.

The HoS was the body next to me

I thought that body was soulless.
oh and I want to add did one of them not have a jumpsuit and therefore suit sensors?

These excuses are really bizarre. How does the HoS body not having suit sensors excuse anything? Also, why is it suddenly ok to loot a dead sec if you only take one item? It’s still bad RP and self antag.

Still the arrest could have been handeld a bit better other then getting slimed and that’s why I ran away.

Hi, I was the cap slime, on questioned on where they got the sec backpack they activately refused to mention the bodies at all, ensuring they wouldn’t be revived due to how chaotic the shift got

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From Rule 1: You Must Roleplay
‘‘The goal of our server is to immerse players in a fictional universe, enabling them to roleplay with each other. Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional; act like it. Have a sensible name, construct a character for yourself and behave as the character would, and avoid breaking the immersion.’’

You found two dead bodies in maint and a nightmare told you to leave, if you left, good! your character obviously is scared of a dark creature with an armblade! if you didn’t or even left but came back immediatly, bad! What are the character reasons for coming back to a place where a dangerous creature lurks and two dead bodies are there, you’re no medical doctor or paramedic, nor you’re trained in combat, why not inform immediatly on radio about what you’ve seen? What motivated your character to loot a dead person and what caused them to never report it to anyone or even drag them to medbay, even if one of the bodies ‘‘didn’t had soul’’ you have no way of IC knowing it, if anything if you know they’re a crewmember you bring it back to medbay if you can and then let the Doctors and Sec assess the situation.


I just got one question for you.
Why did you try to kill me with cell damage without saying a word?

Hold on.
I red the report again it says that I tried to prevent and tried to kill slimecap/hop
I don’t know where this metagrudge info came from but that’s not really true and like I said I fucking thought the acting captain hop knew about the bodies.

You still did not answer why you took their belongings

I liked how the bag looks and merly for cosmetic reasons.

Hello there!

Everything that was said in this report has been confirmed by logs.

Please remember to play a believable character going forward. Save looting the fresh corpses of your coworkers because you like the way their backpack looks for when you are an antagonist.

Thanks for reporting, and have a good rest of your day!

Report Processed