Ranbee banned by acronad

Title: ranbee banned by acronad

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2023-01-05 15:49:04
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Ban evader alt of beestationcansuckmyballs. Admitted in ticket.
Appeal Reason:
That was a funny little joke I did a while ago. I joined a couple servers laughed with others a bit and left. Then I joined beestation and got immediately banned for “suspicion of griefing”? I didn’t even get into the round I said something along the lines of “How do I cook food?” in ooc. But thats besides the point, the ban reason is ban evading for a ban that isnt exactly a ban, considering I didn’t do anything but join the server. I wouldn’t say its really fair, but I guess protocol and all. Beestation doesnt seem to really cotton to harmless jokes, but when I get unbanned I’ll keep them down a notch.
Additional Information:
Happy new year

Is beestationcansuckmyballs your account? Because it sure sounds like it was from this:

Is the account banned? Yep, looks like it was.


The actual ban reason, shown above, ties you to an account permabanned from Bee, Yog, Fulp and TG.

spacestation13enjoyer aint even my account, so thats really weird. I havent touched beestationcansuckmyballs for a while so I have no idea what might’ve even happened to it. I did use a vpn when I was using it, that might have tied it to this other one.

EDIT: yeah looking over the bans you linked I have no idea lmao. Fr all I did with the beestationcansuckmyballs account is join some servers talk in ooc and leave, so no idea.

I’ll try to explain what happened, since i remember this interaction pretty well:
Ivan banned “spacestation13enjoyer” (I was in game and authorised the ban at the time) for breaking the rules.
A few minutes later “beestationcansuckmyballs” joined.
At the time these two accounts matched and behaved in a very similar way, it was pretty clear that both belonged to the same person.

I believe me and Ivan also talked about this in Achat, so looking at those logs could prove useful.

I’m not an admin anymore, but i wanted to provide some more context to that older ban.

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Even Ranbee has a pretty rocky record, including two permabans unrelated to evasion, the worst of which implies proven use of hacked clients. You’re gonna have a pretty uphill battle convincing staff to give you a chance if there’s even a thread of a link between your current account and the others as claimed.

Good luck man.

Either way what you did or did not do is irrelevant considering ban evasion is a rule break in and of itself, which mean this was a valid ban. And since you admitted you did actually evade that means you broke a rule.

Get a vouch and try to appeal again on the 16th of august (or whatever date they tell you, ban evasion is not something people usually appeal)

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Not much to add here as most of it’s been said already. We do not allow multikeying on beestation, I’d recommend reading our rules if you haven’t. That aside your alternate account was perma banned making the situation worse than just a basic multikey incident

The permaban was supposed to be appealed but I never really cared as I didn’t do anything of worth on it, and it was just to fuck around with the ckey itself. It was supposed to be appealed because of suspicion of griefing which I never did, and I abandoned it right after and never visited it again. I have no idea who used it after me. I always played on this account anyways, this has been my main one, and the only alt I’ve ever used is this one for dumb reasons. If I were to make a new appeal I’d really have nothing more to add, and you would unfortunately have to take my word for it. I don’t think I have any way to prove this, so if this one isn’t accepted then I guess, sadly, no more beestation.

And yet it never was.

Could you explain what led to your current CKEY Ranbee also being banned off both Yog and Fulp?

It was never appealed because it was a dumb temporary account made for shits. I was never going to use it again, so didn’t make much sense to appeal it.
The ban on yogs was at 2022-06-11 which makes it about 7 months ago. I barely played on yogs so it was a surprise to find my account banned. I never really changed passwords at the time so I had a shitty one that I just used everywhere. Apparently someone joined in on it with a client and started sawing everyone’s head off and got it banned pretty quickly. Change my passwords ever since. (Handled - ranbee - report by 95Roadkill | Yogstation Forums)
The one on Fulp was on 2021-05-09 precisely 1 year and 8 months ago. I was still kinda learning the ropes of how to play if I remember correctly. To list everything bad I did to receive such treatment, I accidentally made a small explosion in a remote area of medbay where there were no people. I was trying to either deactivate or modify it, either way I set it off and threw it away. I’m pretty sure it was a mix of potassium and water and it barely even made a fart but it was enough to alert the admins. Then I judging by the ban reason I went to lavaland, cuffed a miner and left them in a crate saying that “Medbay couldn’t save them”. I don’t know why I cuffed them considering they were dying, and I especially don’t know why I hid them in a crate but I guess I did. Apparently I also spammed the trollface in the ahelp? No comment honestly.

So, denied or do the gods smile upon me?

Alrighty so I’ve looked into this and overall I’d say your ban should follow our normal policy for permaban appeals. You have admitted to evading ontop of all the other shady connection history you have.

You are free to appeal once a year has passed and once you are able to provide a valid vouch from a reputable server.