Ran into SM at roundstart

CKEY: ricardojebediah

**Admin’s CKEY:**raxraus

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Perma

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-17 17:28

Round ID: 10349

**Ban Reason:**At the beginning of the round 10348 suicided by running into the supermatter crystal. Disconnected right after the act.

Appeal Reason: I had no idea that running into the SM or putting an item into it “activated” it and saw running into it as a fast and effective alternative to killing myself, I didn’t know that doing so would cause problems for the rest of the players

Additional Information: I left afterwards not to evade admins but just because I was getting off the game

on the official beestation wiki https://wiki.beestation13.com/view/Guide_to_the_Supermatter

huh, as I have never played an engineer or CE due to the idea of setting up the SM being too daunting, I’ve never read the wiki on setting up the SM until todays ban, I will henceforth refrain from headbutting the glowing rock candy

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nah nah, i think i know you from somewhere

that kinda name rings a bell

yeah I had to make a new account because I forgot My password

however I am still using the same username

unless you’re remembering something that I did once in which case

oh god, oh fuck

Not gonna lie, I’ve considered suiciding into the SM before I realized the bad things that jumping into the SM caused.

It’s literally a giant crystal of death, who wouldn’t jump in before they left.

ok so, running into the supermatter to commit suicide kind of depends on the current situation

but if it’s roundstart and you’ve done it, and the cooling loop hasn’t been set up at all, there’s gonna be fucking problems

yeah I had no idea at all how the SM works prior to this,
I solemnly swear I will no longer kill myself by SM hugs but rather by climbing into the kitchen

The only additional downside of SM suicide is gear deletion. But again perma is too much.

Hello. There are perfectly good alternatives to suiciding at roundstart - the cryosleeper is available on all maps currently in rotation besides Pubby, and it reopens the job role. Let alone suiciding in a manner that can (and usually will) cause harm.

My other question is why roll a job that you did not want to play. Random job selection?

Just hold your shoes in hand and type in suicide!

I was playing a job that i liked which was atmos. I just asked the CE to let me into the SM room, like i said i only ran into it because i was logging off and didnt know how bad it screwed everybody else

Whats shoes do? I really only used air tank gibbificaion

I never knew about it until I did it by accident, it’s funnier than air tank gibbing…

You tie your shoe laces so hard your legs pop off. :^)

Oh my, the HoP will have SO many legs soon

We always perma those who disconnect before we can bowing them.

Anyways, as for you I’ll unban you but I’ll leave a note for future reference so things like this don’t happen again.

Ight thanks, i promise i wont lick the McDonalds sprite rock candy henceforth

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You should however try to light a cigar on it because you can actually do it. Also try emagging it too.

Also my first ss13 round ever I ran into it without looking where I was going

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