Ramon Falzon Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Demdisco


How long have you been playing ss13?: Not long after the sseth tide.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I know a little bit about every department and almost all traitor items.

I know that cloning is better than spending 90 minutes on replacing a person’s organs with robotic ones, and know that the stasis bed can fix that problem. I know plumbing and a bit of pyrotechnics. I can make great viruses as virologist and I have genetics down to a tee except for advanced injectors. I know how to do surgery properly.
Chemist: 7/10
Virologist: 8/10
Geneticist: 9.5/10
Surgery: 9/10

I no lifed xenobio quite a bit, so I know what to do including rainbow knives (My favorite). I know how to make toxins work-ish, but I can’t guarantee my shit will work. I know how to reset borgs very fast, make MMIs into exosuits with proper access, change their components and the like. I’m still waiting for a round when I can produce multiple gygaxes for security. Integrated circuits, a very unknown weapon of absolute mass destruction. It’s a 5/10 because I haven’t been able to pull it off yet; gives the malf AI a run for its money when done right. Nanites I never really got into; I know they can kill you if they get deleted, so that sucks.
Xenobiology: 8/10
Nanites: 3/10
Integrated Circuits: 5/10
Roboticist: 9.5/10
Toxins: 4.5/10

I can make and deconstruct most stuff, and can cool down an SM under regular circumstances. I can set up teslas and black holes.
Construction: 8/10
Atmospherics: 5/10
Super-Matter Crystal: 5/10
Tesla: 7/10
Electricity: 8/10

I can make a lot of shit as botanist and my fastest all golden trays on meta station was Round Time: ~17 minutes (All done myself including the dispenser)

Chef: 8/10
Botanist: 9.5/10
Bartender: 8/10
Janitor: clicks floor
Mime & Clown: 1/10

I can kill hierophant and ash drake, I know how to set the cargo console to broad spectrum.
QM: 8/10
Cargo Tech: 8/10
Miner: 8/10

The role that attracts the most trouble. I know how to check people properly and I won’t let that ling bluff me. I enforce the law hard, littering and breaking are bad.
I’ll leave this up to you.

If you know what you’re doing, I’m going down. I’m going to forget what I have in my bag during the heat of a fight (I’ve been working on this). But don’t think it’s easy, still.
Robust: 5/10
Gimmicks: Stolen from other people

Go big or go home; I get sweatty af with these which is why I’m not super good. But for malf borg, I have never disappointed the AI.
Cultist: 7/10
Traitor: 6/10
Nuclear Operative: 6.5/10
Clown Operative: Well, I die. That’s the objective right?
Changeling: 7/10
Blood Brother: Disabled
Malf AI: 6/10
Malf Borg: 9/10

Silicon is my favorite role generally, I know pretty much almost everything there is to know about them, it’s just robustness that keeps my from being perfect. From charging the jannie borg’s light replacer to opening doors to increase camera range as AI.
Cyborg: 9.5/10
AI: 8/10

I also have a bunch more hours on TG.
I’d like to see what you guys think overall.

When I get my job, I very rarely stray far from it. I usually do the normal things, and when I feel like in control of them, I start experimenting more. That’s not the main way I learned most of my things, I usually get into those weird siutations and some guy happens to know what to do, so I learn it from him.

1+. High hours, however I would like to see your tg hours too. while bee is still separate in a lot of ways, I’d like to see them!

Here’s my play time for TG

Short hand: Living: 454h

Very good application. I like how you were honest and rated each category

Has 700+ hours on /tg/ and Bee combined. Seems to have a lot of hours in each department and looks like they’ll be competent enough on the mentor team. I would’ve liked it to be a little bit more in depth with their knowledge but eh, not a deal breaker. +1

Fixed, thank you for reminding me.

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+1, Seems to be experienced in every field and with his experience and his knowledge. He will be very helpful in helping new players on beestation.

Wish I could give my boy Ramon a 1+ but can’t.

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very cool hours and knowledge

+1 many hours and seems to know alot
Also nanites cant kill you if they get removed bruh…

I never dabbled in nanites, but I often heard that if an antag gets access to the nanite cloud they can do something to it to fuck people who have that nanite up; so it’s probably about changing their logic rather than deleting them.

+1 tons of hours on both tg and bee

+1 any science player is automatically eligible for a good chance a mentor

Total = +6 why isnt that enough?

It is, this just got lost at some point. I’ll get this when I’m home. (Or someone I ping in discord will get it first)

Welcome aboard @Demdisco