Qwerty is a boomer, toxic edition

**Discord ID:**Toxici11i#6154

**Admin Discord ID:**qwerty#6768

**Ban Type:**dicksword

**Ban Length:**permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**10/10/2019

**Ban Reason:**http://prntscr.com/pwvhs0

Appeal Reason: literally banned me for “i dont like him”

Additional Information: later rebanned me for “pinging council 3 times when banned, also ban evading a previous discord ban”

This is both very unprofessional and extremely childish. Banning someone just because you don’t click with them is a good way to drive away players and Admins alike.

Thing is though, you later spam pinged Council to shitpost, which also resulted in you going from the one in the right to the one in the wrong.

Whether this ban should stay or not, I don’t know as the catalyst for the events was qwerty abusing his powers. Both sides are to blame here, but I’d say that qwerty needs some repercussions from this.


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Repercussions were already given iirc.

He was banned for the actual reason of pinging council, even if the ban reason stated did not reflect that.

He then later evaded his ban on two alts. The ban should stay.

For clarity the spam pinging of council was BEFORE the ban, and the actual reason for it.

the spam pinging occurred after the ban, you even stated this at the time.

unga dunga big brain

To clarify, He said “byebye” and stealthbanned me overnight, I ban evaded the day after, pinged him and asked why, he refused to answer, and then I pinged council a total of 3 times calling qwerty a boomer

There was spam pinging before the ban.

IIRC the spamming was after the initial ban. If that hadn’t been the case, Rue wouldn’t have unbanned Toxic in the first place. The initial ban was uncalled for, not so much for the ones that followed.

Nope, the entire reason for the initial ban was the pinging council for no reason. I just specified a dumb reason in the ban. Rue unbanned because of the dumb reason. He was later banned again after his actual ban reason was found out (and it was also found out that he evaded twice)

qwerty mad cause bad…

Bumping this up to keep the converstation going.

banning over pings

i’ve talked about my opinions on this before

There isn’t much to discuss. The ban reason is dumb, but it’s generally private unless shared like it was here. So that’s irrelevant.

Going back, he has been warned several times not to mass ping staff roles but did it anyways, leading to his ban. There’s nothing else to discuss. Qwerty’s potential bias aside, this was an ongoing issue in discord. Staff would tell him not to do something and he’d either toe the line or directly ignore the request.

Given the fact that he’s also banned in game, I don’t see any value in removing the ban.

Denied. Already permanently banned from the game too.

It looks like I jumped the gun on this one. My apologies to qwerty. Although it was badly worded, the ban had grounds to stand on.