Quirks that could maybe need reworked

Sure there are a few more… but to start out.

Freerunning - don’t seam to make climbing on tables all that much faster… maybe make it so you don’t drop items when you do it? seams like a bit much for 2 points otherwise.

Night Vision - don’t seam to do a thing! >.< slightly is an understatment =p

Junkie - Isn’t very clear that you start addicted to a random hard drug, and those random hard drugs are WAY to hard. They are all debilitating to be addicted to and always seam to lead to you spending the whole shift in the medical bay.

How in any sense would Nanotrasen hire some one like this?

Ether the kinds of drugs on the list need to be less hardcore and damaging, or how often you have to take them and by how much needs to be lowered… so 10 minutes into the game your not ODing on Krokodil and your skin is falling off or all that Ketamine has you seeing demons crashing through walls.

Personaly I think a little of both would be good… mixing in lesser drugs like space drugs and Morphine mixed into the possable drug list, and lowering the time between needing a hit would help take this from dibilitating ODs to something you just have to RP the need to get your fix.

Phobia - I would complain about some jobs being alowed to some phobias… but I can totaly see some buriactic fuck up sending a shaft miner to work who’s got a phobia of lavaland.

Prosopagnosia Dose this even do anything? Maybe it should make everyones sprites look the same? IDK i didn’t notice anything as you use ID tags in game to know who people are anyway.

Reality Dissociation Syndrome - This triggers WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY to offten, if you where to RP out ever signle instance of this it would be all you are doing and you would never be able to do your job… Nanotrasen would not hire some one this insaine.

I think you should reduce how offten this triggers, and/or have people with this start the game with a Nanotrasen issued priscription bottle full of Synaptizine.

Because relying on the medical team or the psyciritrest to notice your spazing out every other minute over random stuff to get you on Synaptizine don’t work so well… (it’s happened ONCE for me playing my char with this quirk the rest of the time they notice it and are like eh… who cares.)

Monochromacy you should get points for this if you ask me.

Make this a primarily RP trait. Keep the random/job related thing, but add on an option to select in the character creation screen a specific useless-but-interesting heirloom. Old cadet’s wings from the NT fleet academy, a locket with an inscription on it, a pocket watch, a faded photograph, a vial of soil from Mars’ colonization, etc. The sort of stuff you can build a story around.

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I thought thats how heirlooms worked, lol.

Nah, it’s random crap assigned based on either job or species.

i personally want freerunning removed, traits shouldn’t give combat advantages

pretty sure it increases night vision by a single tile of view

just don’t overdose on your drugs?

100% agree

It only matters of someone lost/has no ID as if everyone was wearing a gas mask

if it happened less often the trait would be kinda free NGL

as someone who occasionally has hallucinations, admittedly much much much less severe than ingame ones, it’s not that hard to realise that what you are seeing is a hallucination and just ignore it

a bottle of mindbreaker toxin (stops hallucinations if you have RDS) would be better, maybe a piece of paper/somewhere on med/sec records saying you have a prescription would also be nice

it barely affects the game much, being colourblind isn’t much of a disadvantage but then again smoker and alcoholic give points

Or even spawning with a paper prescription in your hand to take to med. something to say your char has an IC reason to know they are sick and need medication.

From what I understood most quirks are not supposed to be actually useful and instead are more for flavor with slight effects on gameplay (except for the negative ones, as you choose to debuff yourself)