Questions thread

except smoke.
Smoke reactions don’t mix inside the body
This causes me no end of pain and suffering
because there’s a xeno extract that adds the smoke reaction to your bloodstream
and i wanna be walking fog machine
but it doesn’t mix so pain abound.

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It used to work.

I think the change to bodies and how carbons work now and how limbs and organs work may have fucked it up.

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No this was before Kapulimbs
I looked into it and people were doing degenerate shit with it so like fair.


I remember one time on late night Golden i was working medical and the chemist decided to do a funny so people just started having meth clouds because of some fuckery i dont understand.


Not a direct question but more of a brainstorming one.

Your preferred self-defense/makeshift weaponry and why?

Also, what are some flamethrower mixes you like?

EDIT: Is Roku Famitsu an acceptable character name?

Both answers are the same.



Your preferred self-defense/makeshift weaponry and why?

*surrender emote. ss13 combat sucks.


Does acid applied to eyes make you go blind?
Like using the clowns sunflower and filling it with acid

Admin Music: How do you get a song request played by an admin? Is there an approved list of songs somewhere you need to apply to or something?

You might be able to pray for a song to be played, but it’s never a guarantee that they’ll play it and admins don’t play much music during a round anyway.

What the fuck is a “Mask Of Joy” And why did it force itself on my face when it spawned in a crate beneath my feet? I was in space at the time, it was rather vexing as it doesn’t work with internals nor can be removed.