Questions regarding new alien name rule

So I recently got a a ping from an admin regarding the name on my character that i’ve played on bee with for like a year and a half. (Gwen Price, Lizard)

What brought about this uncharacteristically overbearing rule?

Also, i was instructed to not have a “human name”. Does that mean I just cant have a human name or do I have to follow that “Kicks-The-Dogs” format?

On MRP server you have to follow this:

You started using the name at the end of October, which is coincidentally the first time you started actually playing here (you had four total connections prior to this with a different name)

I think I remember him from tg

This is so dumb, guidelines are guidelines not hard rules. I don’t see why his name is bad for RP.
If you want to enforce them blindly, there is many people who don’t follow moth, squid or felinid rules.


Random enforcement of names has been a thing on Bee for at least 6 months, we still have a lot of players whose names don’t follow these guides, maybe someone from the higher staff finally thinks about it and abandones the idea because you can’t properly enforce it with so little active admins.

While my stance on meme/offensive names is somewhere in the middle, enforcement of racial names is, in my opinion, silly.

Could’ve been a lizard raised by humans, honestly.


I used the name Robin Price prior, i used Gwen Price prior to that on tg

Also, only started playing on sage rather recently

yeah admins have this pattern of “kill one meme name, go silent, kill one meme name” when it comes to name enforcement but this is the first dumb enforcrment of racial themes I’ve seen. my guess, an admin saw the guide and went a bit overzealous on the enforcement.

i hate the idea of naming enforcement outside of “don’t meme” because it reeks of how some HRPmins will tell people what is and isn’t roleplay, i.e. “no your character cannot pull pranks, they wouldn’t do that at a workplace” and shit like that.

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No, it is literally a rule like when you had the name “John Sex” on MRP. I have repeatedly said you should move to adminning golden privately. I’m saying it publicly now - you should not be opting out of enforcing rules that you disagree with and memeing on Sage as an admin.

It is only a guideline for Golden where this rule does not exist.

Sage is not TG, and has different roleplaying standards in different areas.

Im quite familiar with the differences in tg mrp and bee mrp. Doesn’t excuse the fact that forcing naming conventions for different species is pretty unrealistic for mrp and especially bee itself

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And this is part of why we dropped the “MRP” tag entirely on the hub and are just “Roleplaying” now. Constantly being compared to how other servers do things and being told that “X is too LRP and Y is too HRP”.

It’s just following the roleplaying rules as described in our own rule-page now.

I’d rather have a lizard named Gwen Price than:


Let’s not forget that the example you are pointing out was me ghosting and admining with that name. But fine, you can dig out the logs of me playing with as “John Sex” on a few other rounds. Still, this is not relevant to a discussion and is ad personam argument.

No, despite what you think I do not enforce rules selectively. There is some leeway in naming guidelines that should be used in favor of the players.
Again, most of squid, felinid and probably moth players don’t follow the rules strickly. I will wait for you to bwoink Gukle for not following the rules.

Does this name stick out? Did it ruin anything for anyone? Does not having it improve RP standard on sage?


Raising the standards of rp in a server that is largely considered to be mrp feels not only unnecessary, but overbearing.

Implementing restrictions with little to no solid reasoning or precedent is, in my opinion, a poor line of thinking.

I would too, honestly. I caved on allowing these because they were so widely used and the race as a whole is already a reference to The Elder Scrolls.


“John Sex” and “Gwen Price” really arent comparable


Gwen Price is a great name for a human.
John Sex is a terrible name period

I mean you could just play a lizard clown with your gimmick being the human name.

I still have yet to see why it matters so long as the name isn’t ridiculous.

Does a lizard having a human name lower the rp feel of the server? No.

Does it in any way impact other players ability to rp or generally play the game? No.

Does it bother literally anyone other than a small percentage of people who, for some reason, decided that this was such a catastrophic problem that lowers the overall quality of the “rp” on sage? No.