Questions about fastmos/monstermos for people smarter than me (aka everyone)

so since atmos is no longer/will no longer be tile based, ive had some concerns

  • how would flamethrowers work? they relied on the fact atmos was tile to tile iirc. will shooting a flamethrower flood the whole ass room instantly now or what?

  • we all know how how much gas the SM makes when it delams, will monstermos affect how fast/slow the SM delams because of gas build up, and will it affect the surrounding area differently

  • what would a plasmaflood look like? a video would be swag

  • will creating miasma farms require new shit now or what

  • will toxins mixing work differently


From what I know of the new system:

  1. I’ve got no idea

  2. I’ve got no idea

  3. Probably kick-ass and would kick ass

  4. I don’t think so but I’ve never done it

  5. Probably would be more even