Question thread

Who is your favorite player?

(Except for me, we don’t want this to be my appreciation thread)

John Sex


I think Navy Nelson is the best and most robust and funniest player we have. I am not biased in my opinion at all.

Y’all banned my two favourite players… Waltard Whiter and Jesser Purpleman

There are so many excellent players to chose from. From the ultraviolent gods of robustness to the roleplayers loved by everyone, it is a very hard choice to make for me.

Instead, I’ll mention two players who unfortunately do not play on Bee anymore. I Am The Doctor and Prismo, two fantastic and impossibly creative Clowns who pushed me towards trying out playing as a Clown - and I am loving every second of it. I am currently #2 in Clown hours, for the better or worse; I have preformed stand-up comedy three times within the last year; I am enjoying life again.

My question for this thread is:
What is better: pirates or ninjas?

Pirates are cooler ninjas, they essentially do what ninja’s are tasked with, but they don’t need cowardly stealth gear and wear cool coats. They also love dairy which i can personally relate to.


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