Question about old notes

How long do notes stay attached to a player?

I did a lot of stupid stuff when I first started playing this game. Didn’t understand the roleplay expectations, powergaming, or responsibilities. I’m sure I have a ridiculous amount of notes attached from my early days, and I’ve been banned from command positions for so long I don’t even remember why. (I think it was a suicide as HoP but idk for sure) My mischief was not ill-intended but certainly was not appropriate.

However, I have learned from most of my mamy mistakes, and I’ve been trying to keep a good level of RP. I worry that I squandered my opportunity to ever play high level positions again before I even learned how to properly play, and that if I make a mistake some admin will look at a long list of my old misdeeds, probably laugh at one or two of them, and then drop the eternal ban hammer on me.

Do these ever go away, or am I eternally branded with these marks of shame?


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I’m pretty sure notes stay there forever. I have notes going back a few years that are still visible.

Edit: Don’t be too concerned about any positions though. You can appeal pretty much anything if it doesn’t violate major community rules. There are people on the admin team who have been banned before.

My point is, as long as you are sincere in your apology and show that you have changed for the better, you will most likely be allowed to play whatever role you want if you appeal for it.

I hope you’re right. Thanks

I also joined this server as a complete noob so I made my biggest mistakes first and got big punishments for them. Everything I was banned from though I’ve gotten back.

They always say the notes aren’t punishments, but then use them against you to increase a ban reason. They never go away I have several very stupid notes myself, just forever now.


Because they aren’t a punishment, they are a form of recordkeeping.

Yes we will punish you more severely for repeated rules violations.
Yes we use notes to keep track of past rules violations (ontop of a lot of other stuff).

But notes themselves are not punishments, they do not effect you at all on their own.

Plus that’s not even accounting for secret notes, which are just more notes just not visible to public. When I got permabanned for my 2nd offense, and the first ban i got too, both were like “notes say you was mean” so that upgraded my punishment, meanwhile people get 6-7 bans for 1 to 2 days. It does not make sense to me and it’s my sole gripe with beestation is the notes system, which does make sense in theory, but when applied is seemingly picking and choosing when to be fair depending on whims.

That’s because it is. Bans are subject to whatever bias the admin has and/or their interpretation of the rules / whatever they ate for lunch that day, and then you appeal to the same admin that banned you.

It’s a community project, which means you’re not dealing with professionals or anything, it’s an all volunteer staff of mostly students.

Nature of the beast my dude.

I definitely have had some notes that were concerning, specifically one about taking the saw out of surgery.

Thing is, the note was pre-SOP and I was an MD. Taking multiple tools from surgery, including the saw. Then standing next to the stasis bed in prep for surgery there.

Being prepared for my job somehow got me a note.

Why I got bwoinked for doing that two rounds in a row(both times MD) is beyond me.

Fortunately I later got the note edited to include the fact I was an MD.

I’d definitely appeal it but that is roughly 2 years old so it won’t really matter, especially considering I’ve had many many hours bwoink free.

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Yeah that’s like… almost exactly what I said

They never go away but I believe admins take into account how long ago a note was made.

Like if you had a bunch of notes from years ago they will hopefully realise that you are not same player as you were back then. At least that’s how it should be.

I know I’ve notes that definitely don’t represent me now.

This 100%
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If only it was this 100% but it’s actually 100% based on whims when banning. Either “oh this is an old note, it doesn’t reflect them in this situation” or “ohh they did this before lookie here upgrade” and that’s just a flip of a coin. Better hope your admin had a nice breakfast that morning or you in the crowboat

that’s the exact same reasoning they used in my highschool (and all of france), we all had a tiny book we had to keep where they could write notes for our parents or put marks down for bad behavior

never was a “punishment” always was there to “keep tracks”

everyone knew and understood that noting down bad behavior (which functionally acted as a countdown to punishment with enough leading to sanctions) was indeed a punishment in itself, just a delayed one, and everyone always felt pretty justly massively angry when a teacher gave them a mark going

“well you did do a bad but it’s just for the record just don’t fuck up anymore ok ? it’s gonna last a whole year but you’re not going to forget to do your homework again in an entire year right ?”

but after 8 mark, you’d get punished pretty badly - and you racked up marks fast because of this really annoying pretend stuff that getting one wasn’t a punishment when it absolutely 100% was

Please stop pretending every single time that notes “aren’t punishment” when at best they’re just delayed ways to inflict punishments. own up to the fact you dish them out, stop pretending otherwise - i don’t really care that you decide to keep notes of bad behavior that’s fair enough i just find it infuriating when you try to spin it around into “well akshually keeping a permanent record of slight bad behaviors used to escalate sentences against you for the entirety of your time on the server is def not a punishment in itself !!!”

it’s disingenuous. Just own up to it for once - the current system is flawed but has its advantages and bee works as it stands, i don’t understand the charade kept by the entire admin team when all players, all admins, everyone understands getting a note => things are going to be worse for the player who got it.

This is an inconsequential rant because i’ve mostly turned around and found myself to be mildly ok with the note system rn although i believe it needs improvement. I just really want the same bullshit fake argument that “they’re not punishment” to be dropped because it does nothing to calm down players, and most of the time just infuriates them that what is OBVIOUSLY a punishment is (in appearance only) treated as not being one

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