Question about making shutters

Is making shutters or blasting doors as non engineer break of RP? It’s explainable IC, like you could read manual.
Is “upgrading” walls from normal to reinforced as non engineer also break of RP?
Im asking since I recently I fell in love into idea of making glorious cargonia bunker so noone could break in easy.

I’m not an admin but I’m a good 99% certain that you’re not about to get banned if you make a shutter or reinforce a wall

Ah yes. Quartermaster gaming.
Blast doors almost saved me from angry robo, sadly I forgot that autholete and windoors are very easy to break for gyagax

It’s dependant on round.
If you’re not an engineer call one and ask him, it’s their job.
If you have nothing else to do you can your corresponding head (but you usually have stuff to do) to approve the project.

would that mean you can also just pluck an assistant out from the halls and say “I want all of these to be reinforced walls, you will be paid handsomely and it’s something to do”.
I mean it’s not an assistant running a reactor/engine or doing any crazy electrical or atmos work and anyone is allowed to just fix a small hull breach if they have the means on hand.

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As a mime i am an expert in creating pointless and fun traps you will die vie rube goldberg machines

It would be cool if we used assistants as actual assistants instead of fleshy ghosts just messing around.

It’d be SUPER neat, like imagine you could use the news caster to actually post help wanted adds and actually HAVE folks show up and talk with you about renovating the bar, constructing a set of stasis beds, monitoring the station’s wiring/sitting at the engineering alerts and monitoring consoles, getting Deputized*. Any of those good things really

*(I can’t write that word without thinking of that song RN)

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Well there’s the recently added bounty system, you could try to use that to hire people.

Bounty system isn’t known and used enough.

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