Question about botany compost

So does composting soil bring in all of that plant’s reagent’s? There doesn’t have to be anything in the soil.
For example if I were to use polypore shavings as compost, would an empty soil patch also get the sugar of those mushrooms, or does only the nutriment of the plant get put into the soil?
I want to know this since when I play as a hermit or Ashwalker I need access to more wood and weeds such as plump helmets, but the only way to get those is have them be overtaken by weeds. I found that sugar speeds this up if you grind the polypore mushrooms, but as a hermit or vet spawn you don’t spawn with towercap seeds to create a mortar. You can’t grind stuff in a mushroom bowl either.

It doesn’t matter if plants are ground or not. A plant tray’s water and nutrient levels are just variables linked to the tray. Composting works by taking the reagents being applied to the tray and running them down a hardcoded list of chemicals that affect the tray’s stats. If a reagent’s on the list, the stats are changed accordingly, it doesn’t matter if it’s from a bottle or a plant. Here’s the list of what reagents have an effect:

This answer your question?

So just for clarification I don’t need to grind down polypore, which contain sugar, to get more weed growth? That’s pretty sweet :D.

Nope, no grinding- trays don’t contain anything, add water/sugar/fertilizer and the variables are changed according to the formulas.