Quentin Mitchell feedback

Abuses the shit out of gas farms as qm, might be powergaming too much in other departments so I kinda want feedback. Also I main QM but sometimes play scientist, doctor and botanist.

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If the feature exists its not abuse.

You should try nanites more.

Mrp or LRP?

Mainly Mrp

20 chars 20 chars

Quentin Mitchell in case you haven’t read the title

I would say Quentin is a cool guy. i enjoy interacting with him

Gas mining, null crate ordering, slime ranching son of a gun.
I like this guy.

Quentin as QM is a nice boss i like it

Bumping this 'cause why not, also I’m trying viro now so I’d like to see if people like my virus

One of my favorite QMs, I truly miss working with you.

One of the earliest people to see past Kiera’s disabilities and treat me as someone trying to do my job.

Polite, very nice, and willing to trust and ask their cargo techs to take on responsibilities.

I havnt seen you in awhile, but I hope to see you more often!