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How long have you been playing ss13?:
About a year or so
Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
Not really
Game Experience (More Detailed):
I’ve only really played on bee so far and I usually play qm. I know most stuff in every department other than atmos fusion, toxins, nanites and advanced sm setups. And I feel like I want to teach more people while not stuck IC.
Also hours:
|Shaft Miner|70.8h|
|Medical Doctor|34.2h|
|Cargo Technician|29.2h|
|Station Engineer|16.7h|
|Research Director|12.3h|
|Chief Medical Officer|11.0h|
|Stage Magician|10.7h|
|Security Officer|9.2h|
|Head of Personnel|6.8h|
|Atmospheric Technician|2.2h|
|Head of Security|1.5h|
|Brig Physician|1.0h|
|Chief Engineer|0.0h|

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8 hours are a bit low but you got lots time with other less important jobs

have a +1


Yes, asolutely yes +1

+1 from me too
I would say he is competent in what he is doing

2.2h for Atmos tech? Question time.

1: Best way to cool down a room?
2: Room is spaced, how fix?
3: What air alarm mode do you use to purge toxic gases?
4: How make Tritium?
5: As an AI, how do i talk to my borgs?
6: AI Malf, what do?
7: A borg has gone rogue and is no longer synced, how do you fix it without killing it?
8: How setup Tesla/Singulo?
9: How do i open the fireaxe container thing without breaking the glass?

was this intentional? it feels intentional

I can’t vote for you but incredible hours, very spread out. I’ll ask some questions just to challenge your knowledge or ability to look stuff up.

  • How do you find out the wire colors for hacking?

  • What do you require to modify telecommunciations?

  • How do you generate research points with rad collectors?

  • Cargo needs three livers, three sets of eyes and three sets of lungs - how do you best accomplish this?

  • What’s your preferred bombmix for toxins?

  • A miner, running from bubblegum, accidentally brought him back to the mining outpost. The station has no resources and bubblegum is camping the shuttle. What do you do?

This seems like something an admin would take care of honestly.

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Really nice hours, +1

  1. Space room then refill air is generally the quickest I think. If not possible then just use draught and space heaters.
  2. Patch up the breaches, set air alarm to refill and wait. Or you can just abuse fastmos and refill room with other parts of station.
  3. Both draught and contaminated can do the job
  4. Think it’s by burning plasma in a highly oxygenated environment
  5. Use :b
  6. First thing is to grab some tools to deconstruct cameras. Remember to deconstruct them fully with a welder so so can’t repair it. Also grab a station bounced radio for communication. There’s a lot of ways to fight a malf so depending on your job, but some useful tools are: sonic jackhammer to break open r walls, rcd for breaking open doors and building cover against turrets, emp made by mixing iron and uranium for disabling electronics, flash for borgs, insuls for shocked doors, internals for n2o or space and a desynced Borg to basically counter most of ai’s actions. Also remember to keep an eye out for sparks flying out of machines, they will explode.
  7. Flash, unlock panel, crowbar, take battery, screwdriver, multitool and pulse wires till synced to ai.
  8. You’ll need a particle accelerator, emitters, containment fields and the singulo/Tesla generator. For Tesla you should have a few grounding rods nearby as well, and reinforce the floor god dammit so many cargo Tesla went wrong because of this. So containment fields in four corners, emitters pointing at each of em, make sure everything is totally secured, put singulo/tesla gen in middle, build particle accelerator pointing towards the generator, TURN ON THE EMITTERS AND MAKE SURE THE CONTAINMENT FIELD RUNS PROPERLY, ALSO MAKE SURE THE GROUNDING RODS ARE FIRMLY SECURED IF YOU’RE DOING TESLA, turn on the particle accelerator and wait for lord singuloth/tesla to appear. Remember to turn of the pa for singulo once it reaches stage 3.
  9. Multitool or borg

All yes and amazing answers.

I have a note because of this…at something like…40 hours CE…hahahahahahaha…


  1. Multitool (and insuls if you don’t want to be shocked)
  2. Multitool as well
  3. You either multitool or screwdriver the collector board, and instead of putting plasma in you put trit in.
  4. Gib monkeys from whatever departments have them(generally xenobio, genetics and virology, or just kill Pun Pun assuming the chef hasn’t gone to it first)
  5. I’ll admit I have no idea since I’m still trying to learn toxins, so I’ll probably leave this one to more experienced players. Also the wiki guide doesn’t really tell you the bomb mix so.
  6. First thing: don’t shoot it. Second thing, grab space cleaner or anything that can clean blood, and clean every speck of blood on the floor. To my knowledge bubblegum can’t aggro on you unless you shoot it or stand on tiles with blood. Third if you’re confident enough then grab an advanced plasma cutter, clear out some space, aggro bubblegum and run like hell away from mining base. Once you’re satisfied with the distance just run away in a straight line till bubblegum doesn’t aggro on you( quite hard with its charge attack) so this is generally not advised.

As a qm main who has watched way too many cocky qm building Tesla and causing tesloose I felt like I needed to stress this point

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Nice hours, good answers, I don’t see a reason you shouldn’t be a mentor.


Station blueprints will show you all of the hacking wires.

Yes, but you’ll also need a monitor decryption key. This is found - usually - in the CE’s locker. Location might’ve changed.

I believe you only need to fill the plasma tank with a trit/oxy mix iirc.

I was aiming for an “organ harvester” or “limb grower” machine comment, but this works just as well.

Very cold trit/oxy mix meets very hot plasma.

Is this a thing? Does bubblegum not aggro on you if you don’t shoot it? holy shit if so, definitely testing this out. I would’ve accepted “use the aux base” or “build bluespace miners” as acceptable responses. You can disassemble the teleporters on station to get most of the BS crystals necessary, you may need to also use the aux base because I don’t believe the two teleporters is enough. bs miners isn’t an acceptable option at roundstart though as you require t4 parts in addition to bs crystals.

here’s another one i’d like as many answers to as I can get for my own knowledge:

  • name all the ways you can think of to earn research points

Also bluespace miners don’t exist on sage anymore so, and aux base can’t gib megafauna. Anyways for your question Tesla coil set to research, research servers, toxins, rad collector set to research, yeah that’s about it

To turn on/off tcomms machines you just need a multitool

Actually now you really dont. All you really need is an screwdriver and a crowbar.

golden do be slappin tho

To adjust settings you still need a multitool tho

This is true, yes. But there are other ways to turn it off.