QM should be a command role and other changes to the command structure

See title.
Quartermasters are usually interacting with their respective department way more than HoPs do.

Quartermasters have 2 different roles as their underlings, making it fairly similar to CMOs and RDs command.

Additionally HoPs almost never act like they are heads of their respective department, acting more like pseudo-captains.

Here is what I wish the command structure would be, as it makes the most sense:

HoPs are bueraucrats that act way different ingame compared to what their role should be and QMs fill that void of local command.


that means more metashields :frowning:

also, im not really sure if HoP commands enough to really be separated, and I actually do try to be fairly actively in cargo when I am HoP. Not my problem a lot of hops literally just play for AA while also being too meek and terrified to actually roll captain


While it sounds good on the surface, you have to consider how it affects different gamemodes. E.g. in Revolution, you can no longer sneakily secure Cargo early into the round - the QM will 100% scream on comms.

Also, the QM would finally have the legitimacy he would need to secede. Cargonia would become even more stale than ever.

Would the QM get an ID console? Where would he be in the chain of command? Would he be a Cult target?


Edited for the sake of clarity and also to show the in my opinion ideal command structure.

AI needs to be at the bottom with every box having an arrow commanding it how could this mistake have been made

Fairly easy to explain:

  • AIs may take orders depending on their lawset, making it dependant on the shift as to who they obey
  • AIs command borgs, making it a semi-command job
  • The program I used does not allow more than 60 lines without me having to pay for it. Expenses had to be cut.
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I think this is because HoP’s have other priorities like access changing and the Service department, also all of the QM’s duties are in the Cargo Bay and the mining base.

Use www.diagrams.net it is the best diagram software out there, also its free.

That is another reason, yes. As it is fairly easy to notice, HoPs responsibilities are bloated.

I will try it out next time, thanks.

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changing access takes little time and service department dont need directing aside from asking if they need any orders

HoPs dont interact with cargo because they’re too busy being timid captains. Fix with /tg/'s ID rework >;) >;) >;)

Same goes for literally any other department, doesn’t it? Scientists don’t need supervision to do science, Engineering will be done even when there is no CE around et cetera.
HoPs power structure is bloated and HoP can not effectively supervise all of these jobs.

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they will do it on their own, but other departments actually do benefit from the active coordination imo.

Nothing really matters for service, RD alone can make science useful just by talking to xenobio.

I don’t really mind if QM gets to become a head or not, but I really agree with this.

HoP’s just give themselves AA, close the line, and do captain shit. It’s really annoying.

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Please no.
The QM is basically a pseudohead similar to how the Warden and Clown are.
To be more clear with it, we’ll utilize a simple military structure despite SS13 not being a military station. It helps be make my point more clear.

Captain/Clown - Your Commanding Officer.
HOS - Your most Senior Enlisted Personnel.
HOP - Your XO. If we go by ranks entirely HOP is a Lieutenant.
RD,CE,CMO - All are Staff Enlisted.
QM - Junior NCO. While he has some control and power, he is on the lower rung overall and generally told supervise and managed rather than actively direct.

Now this is a game, ANYONE can be these jobs with ease and no real reason. However it is easier to become the QM because he has no responsibility outside of cargo.

I know it isnt related, but where would warden fit in in the ranking?

Ive honestly seen more wardens take charge than QMs but that’s just me.

I remember typing about Warden, but I forgot to add him back.
Warden is a special case in that he can literally tell anyone but the HOS to fuck off from the armory. HOP or Captain enters? He can detain them. Oversees Gulags,Perma, and executons. Can arrest,search or otherwise validhunt. Watches over the armory.
Captain > HOP > HOS > Warden > Other Heads.
More so because if there is no HOS, then Warden is HOS. If HOS is dead,gibbed or otherwise incapable of doing their job, they become HOS or acting HOS.

I can see RD being considered higher tier than other heads due their relationship with the AI and how often science can fuck a round over.

I have never ever seen a HOP who commands the service department because no one gives a shit about it.

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Also the fact that the QM having little authority makes him no better than a shop manager that gets ridiculed by every other departments. It is entirely possible to play a round ignoring half of service and cargo.

The Hop only takes over service and cargo departments when they are understaffed, otherwise they are just sub-captains. Hell if mining is understaffed then science becomes miners.

Wardens usually act like HoS until a HoS arrives. They did not appear to be overly zealous from my experience with them so far.

I think the main reason QM isn’t a head is for gameplay reasons. Revs would have a chance to convert one of the most influential person in the gamemode, tot qm can cause a LOT of chaos and letting qm be an antag just adds quite a lot to the round thanks to the literal armory a QM can build that outshines even sec. Although with that said I do agree with the HoP changes, HoP is literally disregarded in service departments because nobody gives a shit about orders and just makes their own stuff. Not to mention service comms looks so much like common that people always mixes it up.

Revs cant convert heads.

Heads cannot be antags (On Sage.)

QM being a head would literally make all Rev rounds trivial as fuck. Instead of sec and command having to worry about cargo building an armory to rival their own, they just need to order mindshields. It would also be a way of preventing shenanigans from happening because as a head, the QM would be held to a higher standard in terms of rule enforcement.

There is literally no downside to the QM being a head.