Puiu102006 banned by Termanus

Title: Puiu102006 banned by Termanus

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
14 days
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
the admin stated it as “Bombing the shuttle “”“accidentally””" before round end. Has a bad history here and on fulp. Please appeal if you think its a mistake."
Appeal Reason:
First of all, i told him so many times that i did not bomb the shuttle before round end. it was AFTER the credits played and everyone got their greentexts. i never even said that it was an accident, i intentionally bombed the shuttle and it was the bridge part while the part bombed before i even came on the shuttle was the engineering part. heck, when i arrived on the shuttle it was allready patched up by atmos holofans. last time i checked bombing round end is allowed. he asked me if i knew who bombed the shuttle before round end and i said i didnt know, all i bombed was the bridge part after the round ended. despite me asking him how i can prove it and please listen to me he left me right there and i ended up with a 14 day ban which i hope was a misunderstanding. i know i have a bad history on bee and fulp, but those are when i really used to be a griefer. i really try as hard as i can to be better now but i always seem to be misunderstood. i got a ban on fulp once saying i made a horrific killing disease when all i made was one with disfiguration symptoms. i hope theres a way to prove myself cause this is a mistake.
Additional Information:
nothing other than that i felt like the admin was mostly ignoring what i was saying. often just asking questions and giving no answers.

And this is not true. You primed the grenade so early that the timer still had its detonation before the round ended. I verified this with logs before we pushed the round to restart along with @termaus.

You recently released a singularity on “accident” as well while feigning you didn’t know what you were doing. You have a long string of bans on fulp for self-antag and trying to play dumb, so your insistence of something easily disproven by logs only hurt your case.

if you think by round end i meant when the server restarted, then yes that is true it was very early. but i meant when the shuttle arrives at centcomm. but "recently’ reeased a singularity, that was months ago. and i have allready made an appeal saying i wanted to change. the big probem is now because my reputation is bad from doing all those things before and now wanting to change is much harder to do. i dont know what the logs say, but i know i detonated that grenade after the shuttle arrived at centcomm and the credits played. if youre not allowed to then i am sorry and it was my fault. i just need to make this clear, by round end i meant when shuttle arrives at centcomm. for details if the logs say anything about it it was a large grenade with 2 bluespace beakers. i really dont want to self-antagonise and ruin rounds anymore ever since i got a ban a while ago. i WANT to help and twist things around for myself, and admit i did play dumb before and released that singularity because i wanted to see a max level one.

The round does not end untill the ROUND END REPORT comes up. The shuttle docking at CC or the credits playing do not mark the end of the round, only the round end report does.

oh. then i accept being banned. im sorry for what i did.

ban expired gonna close this