PSA: Holy water is not lethal for oozelings


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Some of you with sharp eyes may notice something in these images:


This occurs the moment the holy water (or normal water) makes contact with an oozeling. In the case of holy water, this is the only time an oozeling is harmed. It drains 6% of their blood volume in total, and then has no adverse or unexpected effects again after this point.

The only way to kill an oozeling with holy water is to give them an egregiously oversized dose in the form of forcing them to sip it 5u at a time over and over. And even doing this will not be lethal until an excess of 40u has been applied

Appropriate ways to apply holy water to an oozeling include:

  • Large patches (31u are required to cure)
  • Large pills (31u are required to cure)

If none of these are available due to the chaos of cult and you must force sipping, here’s some things you can work towards to ensure a speedy recovery:

  • Stop at seven sips. This is 35u, which is more than enough to cure the cultist but not enough to kill the oozeling unless they were already missing blood. They are gonna be woozy for a while without further care though.

  • Acquire literally any food. Being well fed or overfed restores blood volume rapidly.

  • Get a welding fuel tank and make them drink that as well - welding fuel is a weak toxin and will gradually restore lost blood.

  • Not likely as readily available as the above two options in the clusterfuck scenario, but if you can get an internals tank with with a plasma/oxygen mix, it can help greatly as well.

  • As a last resort for emergencies, grab a lethal injection syringe. The cocktail of four toxins is the fastest and probably most readily available blood restore an oozeling can hope to find in sec where most deconversions take place. There will be fairly unpleasant side-effects including some burns and stuns, but unless formaldehyde rolls a nat 20 and triggers a major histamine overdose, this is going to help with low blood far more than it hurts. It’s also much easier to treat these side-effects than egregious blood loss.


7 sips is enough but we better make it 20 to be sure

This seems like extreme overkill… and I feel that this shouldnt work in theory?

I had to test it and yes, even rolling histamine they wont die when at full HP… (52,30,0,0)
Which was confusing as Ive died to lethal injection before as slime. Pretty sure it was oxyloss as I was uninjured prior…
Heard an oozling survived 100u of cyanide recently so I guess theres something not quite right with it?

Anyway… welding fuel is readily avaliable. feed it seperately before/after, only 1cl per damage tick but its enough to keep them alive.


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It’s variable and heavily dependent on how the formaldehyde rolls it’s chances to proc extra effects. It has a low chance every tick to convert part of its volume into histamine, and a very high histamine overdose will absolutely be able to cause a suffocation death some of the time. It will still be a much easier death to bring someone back from when comparing it to a no-blood suffocation.

You were unlucky enough to get a histamine overdose in your test, but it wasn’t a high overdose. Histamine overdose can be greatly mitigated with CPR as well

Cyanide definitely could kill with oxyloss, but it would take some unbelievably astronomical odds, so much so I didn’t even include it as a risk.

It’s got a 5% chance of making you miss a breath each tick, and those would have to consecutively fire many many times in a row for it to actually suffocate. Otherwise it’s just occasional 4 second stuns and spikes in toxin damage which oozelings are immune to. Oozelings can completely shrug it off.

This is also a really good one for being readily available, but it’s also fairly weak when it comes to being a toxin and won’t really work quickly enough in an emergency situation. I didn’t think it was worth mentioning, but I suppose I should

While it comes with not fantastic side-effects, the lethal injection will be more than 7 times as effective at restoring blood volume, giving the oozeling more blood volume per tick than the holy water drains per sip.

So yeah, it kinda is overkill, but it’s also strong enough to save an oozeling critically low on but not already dead from a lack of blood.

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