Proposal for expanding circuits

My proposal for expanding the circuit system we currently have is to introduce departmental circuit printers and “smart” versions of existing items and machines. I got the idea from Lucy, who proposed having multiple chemicals in a pill.
In my idea, we would have circuit printers in multiple departments, able to print input and output modules that would correspond to smart versions of devices related to that department. For example, a “smart” pill that would contain multiple chemicals, either mixing them right away or having conditional releases. For example, a pill of charcoal and antitoxin that releases when cyanide is in someone’s bloodstream after they have taken the pill. This would have to be set up using a circuit, so multiple conditions for the chemical releases could be made, such as releasing one chemical initially when taken and releasing the second one when the first one runs out, or when enough shock has been dealt to the pill shell (brute damage), or the host is on fire. This would work similarly to nanites but people would have to take different pills for different functions and would have the ability to intravenously administer chemicals.
Additionally, circuits for Engineering, Service, or mining would be available. For example, an engineer could create a portable atmos barrier that activates when air pressure is low, or an air pump that pumps oxygen into the air when the air is low or pumps reagents in when there are certain reagents in the air. Additionally, due to the nature of circuit creation, many types of custom machinery could be created, perhaps a cooking machine that automatically cooks deposited meat that can be placed outside of the kitchen for science to deposit, or a pranking device that insults people based on their species when they walk by.
This is a large project that I will need the help of a team to accomplish

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