Priest20243 Perma ban by freshmeatlover

Title: Priest20243 Banned by freshmeatlover

CKEY: Priest20243

Admin’s CKEY: Unkown

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Permeant

Ban Length: 22/2/21 Till 10/11/2022

Ban Date (2022-02-21 14:25:53):

Round ID: 36245

Ban Reason: Randomly attacking people for absolutely no reason.

Appeal Reason: I want to appeal because I been reading the rules and this ban been going on for about a few months and now that I think it’s been enough time I want to try to get back into the fun I was a new account and didn’t know what I was doing I am sorry please forgive me.

Additional Information: N/a


also, the full ban reason is “30min account randomly attacking people for absolutely no reason.”

to make this quick, just going to go ahead and tell you you need a vouch.

How to do that?

And plus, I want to see with admin, so I’ll wait

yes, you get an admin on another server to say you’re a good player, but 1 year after the ban

Yeah because I diden’t know there ban appeals so fuck off maybe ss13 was right beestation is bad.

Kinda went the opposite direction there, plus you’re also banned from Yog and Fulp, so who on ss13 said “Beestation sucked” cause you haven’t played more than a week anywhere

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That’s pretty uncalled for, the man is just trying to help you out and inform you of what they think you need for the appeal. You may or may not actually need a vouch since your ban doesn’t say. It’s the kind of ban that usually says to appeal on the forums, but immediately skipping to hostility is liable to to get it classified as an actual perma even if it wasn’t.

You should be prepared to calmly and respectfully explain your bans and behavior on other servers when asked if you want the appeal to even be considered.



This is a prime example of how not to conduct yourself in an appeal. Keep the ban imo.


This is a prime way that tyran so Go and fuck off

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This is a prime way to not get unbanned. If you can‘t behave in your ban appeal then stay banned.