Prickly tries to become a mentor

Your CKEY: Prickly_tomato

Your Discord: prickly_tomato#9453

How long have you been playing ss13?: about a year and a half now (842 horus)

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Don’t have anyone really but if anyone can go ahead in the comments

Game Experience (More Detailed): The jobs I have done and can explain completely is medicine, the building side of engineering, science/robotics, most service jobs (would have to double check the wiki on specific things), and sec/mining I can explain like the back of my hand. Only things I don’t have experience with is with atmos/power, nothing about the SM beside the basics of setting it up and wiring up solars.

The other unlisted jobs is less than a hour


Post hours

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Sorry about that, added them now

Gib hours son.


I already added them a couple of hours, unless you’re talking job specific hours

Yes. We need those so we can ask you questions. And you most certainly have image privileges.

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Holy shit why do people not play engineering you are the fifth recent app with low engineering hours.

1: Best way to cool down a room?
2: Room is spaced, how fix?
3: What air alarm mode do you use to purge toxic gases?
4: How make Tritium?
5: As an AI, how do i talk to my borgs?
6: AI Malf, what do?
7: A borg has gone rogue and is no longer synced, how do you fix it without killing it?
8: How setup Tesla/Singulo?
9: How do i open the fireaxe container thing without breaking the glass?

Just wanted to note most of my experience with engineering comes from pretty much maining a engineering borg. I just prefer being a borg because I don’t have to worry personally about air, fire/temperature, etc. Anyway:

Just combing these two questions together. I would cool down the room by spacing the room, then I would fix the hole I made (floor or wall depending on where I am), I would then move in a space heater to warm up the room, then I’d switch the air alarm mode to refill until the room stabilizes.

Panic syphon

Going to be honest, would have to look that up. I just know you have to heat up plasma but that’s about how far my native knowledge goes

:b is how you talk to them

If I figure out the AI is malf without tipping it off that I know, this is the plan I like doing. I would get robotics to make me a pressurized mining mech (preferably a lavaland mech for a bit more armor and health) with a diamond drill and plasma cutter. While I’m moving the mech out to the AI sat with a couple of other sec members, I’d get RD to cut camrea’s into his office and lock down all the borgs. I’d drill into that AI sat through the back and use a combination of the mech and sec officers to disable the turrets inside and attempt to kill the AI directly. If the AI knows we know and starts mass sabotaging the station, I’d at least try to get a mining mech to be able to break into the AI sat and just launch a full force attack on the AI while the borgs are being blown up.

Try to flash the borg one way or another, and then dismantle it so I can talk to the MMI to see who emagged it.

Would have to look that up.

I believe for this you use a multitool

Also would just want to note for some of these answers I just said I would have to look up because it’s more honest than just looking it up and acting like I knew how to the whole time

Sure…? ATMOS Resin also works.

Uh…thats a bit extreme but…still technically correct…i guess. I would go Draught though.

Fair enough. Learn how to do it anyway since people ask about it.



Have fun with that.

Thats…technically killing it but ok. How do you resync it?

Learn how.


Good to know.

assistant hours are pretty ok but could be higher

I’ll give you a +1

+1 I like the answers

  1. What’s the difference between volume pump, normal pump or straight pipe?
  2. How do you mutate plants?
  3. Which chemical rapidly cures all types of damage?
  4. How to get to morph syringe in lavaland?
  5. Hand implant won’t fit in hand, what do?

The straight pipe is just a regular atmos pipe, gases flow through it. Normal pump pipes actually move gases around, and then I think volume pumps can handle a larger volume of gases compared to normal pumps

By using chemicals like unstable mutagen or Left 4 Zed


The morph ruin, you have to be obese though in order to go through the vines (I think they’re vines I don’t pay attention to what it’s called).

Double check the implant is for the correct arm

Gas doesn’t flow.


If you answer my question about how you resync boards i will make my decision.

You are wrong here.

Still answers are pretty nice, although you could’ve explained straight pipe better.


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I think you can resync it by just cutting and mending the AI link wire



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