Prickly_Tomato Admin Reenlistment Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): Prickly_tomato

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): prickly_tomato#9687

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): UTC-6/CST. I’m online most afternoons and evenings, mostly during higher pop times. If I became a admin, I’d join more during low pop hours in the evenings/late afternoon, I have some weekend availability. Most Saturday evenings I’m going to be admining for the other discord server I’m active on, weekly VC chats.

What changes, if any, would you bring?: Another face to the team and someone to keep low pop rounds company

How old are you?: Turning 24 by the end of the month

Why do you want to be a moderator?: Missed being one, I know there’s a admin shortage, and my life situation is improving so I don’t have the same issues/depression I had when I first was a admin

How long have you been playing SS13?: 4ish years now

How long have you been playing BeeStation?:

**On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?:**8

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games):

I’ve improved a lot by being a admin on the other discord server I mentioned with being exposed to different situations, practicing de-escalation, and having more experience with dealing with drama and drama creators.

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13: I was a admin previously for bee a few years ago, and currently I’ve been a VC mod for a ASMR youtuber discord server for the last few years

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: N/A

Your strengths: Patience, understanding, and try my best to be as thorough as possible with a ticket or issue

Your weaknesses: A repeat of my last application, I’m autistic. I experience emotions strongly so I can get really passionate/aggressive sometimes with arguments if I get upset. I’ve been giving a effort into improving how I act in these situations, as it’s lead to regrettable arguments and posts on the forums. Might just mean that I won’t comment on a forum post for a day or two if I find myself getting into that mood. Also, most if not all of the forum incidents were due to me not being understanding when it came to coders/server changes and my previous beliefs on server transparency. I’ve learned from those experiences and changed.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: I don’t like powertrippers

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: Patience

What makes a staff team good?: Having good communication between team members,

What is a staff team’s purpose?: To give players a good experience on the server and enforcing the rules/adding to the round in order to allow those good experiences.

What kind of player are you?: I try to do creative projects/antag plans and try to RP as best I can as a character.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: Get more of the passion I had for this server and the community

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:
Check antag status, if they’re a antag I wouldn’t do anything. I’d be inclined to check if another antag needed it for a objective, but since the server has shifted from no longer rewarding greentexts and the map loops around it’s just a part of the game if something like that goes missing. If they aren’t a antag, I’d ask them why they did that. Clowns have some flexibility with rules, and if it isn’t a good reason I’d give a note and maybe a job ban. Now if the gun was deep-fried or more permanently removed, I might whisper to HOS that they could try to get a replacement by making a request to CC. I’d then spawn a inspector to give a replacement, and inspect the station because if the HOS can be so easily disarmed there must be more going wrong at the station.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:
First, admin prison if they aren’t dead already. I’d assume greifer, but I’d ask them a few questions to narrow it down if they aren’t greifing. Would be a perma-ban if they’re a greifer, in the rare case they aren’t I’d give a appropriately lengthed ban (depending on history) and give job bans that would give access to atmos tanks

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:

IC issue, largely would do nothing unless it happens repeatedly by the same person. I’ll then point them to making a mentorhelp.

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Without actually going into detail or having actually read your app even. You opened an application very recently but immediately closed it again. I believe it was related to some IRL issues and other things you thought were more important to be dealt with. Real life does and always should take priority over anything game related.

What changed?

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I’m not going too much into it (too personal for even me to explain), but I recently found a new support group and assistance that is going to resolve those IRL issues I was concerned about. I’ve gotten better/more self-conscious in how IRL things affect me and been better at taking care of myself, so I immediately deleted that initial application because I had a meeting later that week that would determine some things for my future and didn’t want to later get bad news.

I know this might not look good, but I personally try to be as transparent as I can. A reason I left as admin previously was because I was losing that passion and love I had gotten quickly after playing the game and playing on the server and I was playing the game in a unhealthy way. After doing some therapy, learning more about how things work on the server itself/admining, and slowly getting back the passion and love for the game and community back; I personally feel like I’m fit now to be a admin again.


I can’t say you reopening an app so close after you retracted the last fills me with confidence, however I’d still like to give this app a try.
Past experience as admin, and you gave yourself a 7/10 on the experience scale, here are my questions:

  1. You are observing a midpop round (25-40 players) with 3 roundstart security officers, when you notice a traitor named “Jean-Charles Dubois” with HOP’s ID on lavaland, hauling a bodybag. The bodybag contains the bodies of 2 security officers, the traitor then throws the bodies far into lava and starts making their way to the Lavaland base. The Lavaland base has no scientists in it. Nobody has reported anything yet. Do you do anything? And if so, what?

  2. You are following a player that you suspect of evading a ban. The player appears experimented, but they also don’t do much, idling in the bar and walking around. Do you decide to bwoink, and if so, when?

  3. You bwoink the player mentionned above, and they tell you that they are friends with admin “Hilaris”, and to go check things with them. Nothing on their records mentions anything about a supposed arrangement with another staff member. How do you proceed?

  4. You’re playing while adminned, watching pirates and command staff negotiate a settlement. You aren’t taking an active part in the negotiations, only observing from the side. Then, out of nowhere, a security officer enters the room, shotgun blazing, and a fight ensues. 4 people die, and the security officer manages to win, gloating about their victory over the pirate scum. The dead Captain goes DNR, the HOP emotes “hits the griddy”, and the CMO ghosts.
    Do you do anything as admin, and what is your opinion of this ordeal if you had to voice one?

  5. A ticket comes in from the captain, reporting that they got killed “for no reasons” by the AI, that they should be banned because they have a bad name, and that the next time they play captain, they will upload a law slaving it to them personnally at roundstart.
    You investigate and find out that the AI is lawless due to events that do not involve the captain. The AI tells you they decided to have the captain killed because “one of my borgs told me they were gonna bomb my sat”. You bwoink the three posibrain borgs, PENISBLASTER-9000, AMOGUS-340, and Rizz Machine 6, and they all tell you that they never reported that. The borgs are all experienced players with clean records.

What’s your next course of action?

Bonus question, assume you have admin perms for this:

The round is boring and past 1h30, there are no active antags and some people are observing. Bus time? And if so, what bus would you go for?

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I don’t do anything as a admin, as I would be involved with the incident, and would either make a player report or adminhelp it. My opinion on a ordeal like this is I am really against security officers Leeroy-Jenkins into a RP situation like this. The pirates presumably agreed to negotiations, players RP’d it out and then someone outside the situations decides that they know best, and then barge into the room and ends up even getting some command staff killed. Personally this kind of behavior shouldn’t be encouraged and goes against Rule 7 (and I’d argue rule 3), and should result in some kind of job ban at least. The Captain DNR-ing I feel like should be treated as ghosting, as it’s somewhat similar, and should at least get bwoinked to find out their reasoning behind DNR-ing. CMO should get bowinked if they didn’t give a heads up, and command are held to a higher standard so HOP shouldn’t be “hitting the griddy”.

I’d warn the captain that doing that can be considered meta-grudging and would be powergaming, and they could get job banned for that (maybe add a secret note about this, though have it only last for like a month) in case they try this when I’m not online anymore. The AI is still considered crew when lawless, they should follow regular escalation policies and crew conduct. Now with the names of the posibrain borgs, I’d check if the roboticsist named them. That would be my natural assumption that the robotists named them that, if so I’d give at least a couple day long job ban since the names they come up with needs to follow naming policies (or at least not a name like those given, as I think a crew member naming a borg has some wiggle room since people give pets and such non-typical names all the time).

I’ll assume you meant to say experienced instead of experimented

I’d bwoink them a little bit into the round to check things out, sometimes multiple people in a household will play SS13 and one will be banned (which makes the other person also unable to play on the server despite having a different account).

For the second half of the scenario, this response would push me to believe they are ban evading (and maybe a attempt to admin shop?). If that admin was online in discord, I might reach out to them but deals like this between a player and one admin aren’t allowed in the first place. I would suggest to them that they could have that admin explain the arrangement in a ban appeal.

Syndicate lavaland bases are suppose to be secret, the common syndicate agent really aren’t really going to know about those bases unless the comms agents reveal themselves. If a scientist was in there and allowed them in that would be different, but breaking into it would be different. This is my personal discretion though, and technically there isn’t anything currently against the rules for a agent to break into a secret base. I’d bowink Jean and explain this. Depending on the objectives and events leading to the death of those officers, while I don’t personally like hard round removal like that for non-targets, it would be against antagonist conduct to wipe out most of sec like that.

I’d bus a little if about all the antags spawned naturally were dealt with and no natural non-antag trouble had been happening. Though before I do anything, I’d ask ghost chat or make a pole asking if people want any kind of bus. If the crew is satisfied I’m not going to ruin those projects. I’d spawn a few nightmares and send them to the station with purpose of “Central Command wanting to experiment with hiring new humanoid species into crew rotations” and letting things play out. Send in a few prisoners that the station needs to keep an eye on, though they might have some implants that weren’t checked for, with the prisoners goal to escape the station. Maybe send in a fanatic scientist who wishes to grow a xenomorph swarm of their own in the foolish attempt to control them? Could also just be a group of clowns that is sent to cheer up the station and annoy security (maybe throw in a mime who is trying to sabotage the clowns efforts)

One could argue here that you weren’t really involved since you didn’t take an active part in that siituation, but in doubt, it is better to just withdraw like you did. I only get annoyed if an admin is unwilling to stop obvious grieffing.

Rest of the answer is on point. However, I wouldn’t really warn the captain, we don’t force players to stay in the rounds after they’ve been killed, unless somehow they choose to DNR when they know they are getting revived rapidly, or they killed themselves for memes.

That was the one trick in that question yes. It’s a good habit to second guess appearances when stumbling upon something this absurd. Also yes, this is something I had to deal with in a round I adminned.
The foundations of your reasonings aren’t the most accurate, but it isn’t problematic and the conclusions is on point.

The rules in place state that lawless AIs have to act with IC motivations in anything they do, “don’t be ready to plasmaflood for no reasons right when your laws are about to be wiped”. It’s not about crew status or crew conduct, sillicons are sillicons.

The answer about the suspected ban evasion is fine.

Yes, Hilaris is too busy watching the Sopranos and is unlikely to respond with anything other than “what”.

About the traitor, I actually hadn’t considered the “secret” nature of the base, and it is accurate in my opinion, although therea re circumstances that can lead a traitor to meet up with the scientists working there, it would be out of character to know that there is a base and where to find it.
The question was more about what to do about a traitor that round removes 2/3 of security and then fucks off to Lavaland for God knows how long. Like you said though, it depends on surrounding context, namely the interactions the tot had with the round as a whole, and security. It is however worth looking into.

Fine ideas, I run the prisonner one from time to time.

Solid app, and you seem to have retained some good intuition.

That’s a +1 from me.
T: +1

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After some discussion we have decided to accept this application. Even though not many admins decided to vote sadly. Welcome back to the team!

Accepting at +1