Pre- Forum Nuke Post: Weeping Angels

This is a re-post of a write up I did before the forums changed in Fall 2019. I’m porting it over to the new forum:

Hi. Just created an account. I’ve been playing for a few months now and I’ve come up with some new ideas.

I have posted several ideas in discord but I’ve never made an account on the forums until now.

Here’s the Idea: Weeping Angels — the killer statues from Doctor Who.

In doctor who, they are killer statues, that cannot move if they are seen…they are statues. But when they are not seen they are super fast and deadly, and in Doctor who if you are touched by them you are warped back in time. Arguably they are one of the most terrifying monsters in that franchise.

Obviously in game they may function a bit differently. However, It may surprise you but they already practically exist in the code as a wizard spell combo. So a ton of work is already done for you.

I personally think that with some proper modifications of existing code they may be a very fun mid round antagonist.

They don’t have a listing on the “races” page, and don’t appear to have a name, so I am calling them “weeping angels” from now on.

They are already functionally in the game, but they are not their own antagonist, they only exist as something obscure that the wizard can do. I’d like to see if we can change that.

With some minor tweaks I think this can be an utterly terrifying antagonist.

I have already tested on Centcom over the last couple of days and it is quite functional, but only if the wizard makes you into one.


I noticed while reading the wiki on the wizard antags that if you use the “Flesh to stone” spell to turn a player into a statue then hit them with a bolt from the “Staff of Animation” that you make an evil servant that essentially IS a weeping angel.

(wiki for reference: )

I’ve wanted to try this out and see how it works mechanically. I talked with some admins and some let me try it out on Centcom for a few rounds.


Here are some things I found while testing the CURRENTLY EXISTING code at Centcom with admin permission.

Further testing may be required to work out all the details, but this is what I have gathered:

  1. The light does in fact freeze the weeping angels. I am not sure if being in the light alone counts as being “seen” or if another person has to be in the area or looking at them.

  2. Weeping angels appear to have dark vision.

  3. They do not freeze when seen by the Wizard as I understand that the Wizards are considered their master.

  4. IF someone Else “sees” them they freeze in place and are unable to move or attack.

  5. They may inherit the antag status from the Wizard that made them and may not be inherently an antag on their own.

  6. Admins cannot seem to spawn them directly, they have to actually become a wizard then hit the target with “flesh to stone” and a bolt from the “staff of animation” which indicates that they are not something an admin can spawn directly at this time.

  7. One admin said something about it having around 50,000 hitpoints…which virtually makes it invincible, but it is effectively a statue when it is seen. So Its an virtually unkillable antag, that requires a wizard to make, cannot be spawned by admins (?), but at its core is an effectively the Weeping angels from Doctor who.

  8. Apparently you can make weeping angel monkeys. No kidding. Stone statue monkeys that can run around and smash things but freeze in the light."

  9. When in darkness Weeping angels are insanely fast, and simply running into a door - Without clicking anything, smashes the door and pushes it back. They also smash things just by moving about.

Suggestions for changes to make this into an independent antagonist role. These are mere suggestions and I’d ask that you experiment to find something that is fun and balanced gameplay wise.

The idea is to make this stand out from the standard “monkey / zombie / rev” thing where you just run around converting / infecting other all other players into monkey / zombie / rev.

I’d also like to give it a bit more flavor than simply having an invincible army of statue hulks wrecking the station inside of 5 minutes.

I think with some slight modifications this could be a massively fun antag candidate for midround antag.

But it’d have to be an independent thing race or being, and not just some obscure wizard spell combo.

Some suggestions I have on how to make this work. This is just some thoughts, Feel free to play with these ideas:

  1. Admins being able to create / spawn one independent of the wizard.

  2. Giving it a name — I vote "weeping angel"obviously as it clearly resembles that monster from Doctor Who ----

  3. Having it have Antag status by default and not inheriting from wizard (if that is indeed the case)

  4. Making it so it has no master, so anyone who sees it (even wizard) will cause it to freeze in place.

  5. Possibly nerf the speed of it, and some of the damage so its not GOD TIER. I don’t know if smashing doors back 20 feet is a good idea simply from running really fast into doors.

  6. Lower the hitpoints to something manageable unless you want a virtually invincible antagonist.

– Alternatively (and better Idea in my opinion) make it so that it is immortal (50,000 or whatever hitpoints) when its Frozen in STATUE mode, but make it vulnerable when it is in MOVEMENT mode (aka you have to kill it in the dark, you can’t just beat it to a pulp when it can’t move).

  1. If it’s not already, It should probably be immunne to fire / poison / suffocation damage and other assorted damage types as it is a living statue.

8)Give them the spell or ability on a cooldown that causes the lights to flicker and go out. I don’t know if this has something to do with the APC, but I know that the Revenant has an ability on a cooldown that causes this to happen. This would prevent a Weeping Angel from being stuck permanently in statue mode the entire game they second they step into light. (Read further down for the Xenobiology post on the Dominant Orange Crossbreed with Pyrite for how this works)

  1. Figure out what is considered as being “seen”. Is it lights? is it another player looking at them. Some combination of both? This will be very important gameplay wise.

Optional: Letting it heal when standing still in the dark.

Other suggestions:

Get someone to add Angel Wings to the existing sprites for the Weeping Angels, so they more resemble the Doctor Who reference.

If its spawned as a midround, call the event where the station looses power for several minutes, this gives the Weeping Angels time to move around and smash lights and things before the station regains power and they are stuck permanently frozen in place.

In Doctor Who, being touched by a weeping angel warps the target back in time. Obviously this isn’t something that’s possible in this game, but we can riff on a theme here.

One thought is that basically being grabbed aggressively or strangled by one will make you warp around like being hit with a bluespace crystal. I know there’s already some disease or something that makes infected people lurch around the station at random every 10 seconds as if they were hit with a bluespace crystal.

There is also a TON of stuff in xenobio that is very similar to this idea.

(Guide to Xenobiology

Here are some hand picked samples of things that are already in the code for Xenobiology that are rarely seen and that I have never personally seen:

Dominant Orange Crossbreed with Sepia - Creates a rewind camera. The camera can take a picture of a target, who will then rewind to the original spot and health status 10 seconds later, twice in a row. Limbs lost those 10 seconds re-attach, and new ones fall off. Can not revive someone from death. This can heal simple animals and objects.

Dominant Blue Crossbreed with Black - While strangling someone, your hands melt around their neck, draining their life in exchange for food and healing.

Purple Crossbreed with Sepia - Causes a deja vu effect before being healed. The location and health status of the target are saved, and they’ll rewind to that spot and health status 10 seconds later. Limbs lost those 10 seconds re-attach, and new ones fall off. Can not revive someone from death. This can heal simple animals and objects.

Dominant Orange Crossbreed with Pyrite - Overloads and shatters all lights in the room, as if the lighting was overridden in the APC.

Very Advanced Idea:

One possible advanced idea, you really want to go with the doctor who theme, you can make it so that being touched (or perhaps strangled) by one warps your character instantly to the Abandoned Russian station (resembling an apocalyptic version of the station) where the survivors have to fight some really bad things there…Feel free to be inventive here. Basically an in game excuse for a Thunderdome.

These are all my ideas and suggestions. Thank you for reading and feel free to use these ideas as a starting point.

I hope you like it.


Wait, try using google cache to find your old guides! Maybe you dont have to rewrite them!

This would be cool. Fuck you tyranic

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