Praying makes you valid to Adminbus. Do it at your own risk!

Praying makes you valid to Adminbus. Do it at your own risk!

mfw i was part of this

I could have sworn that was already a ruling. I remember the time carp’sie kept throwing lightning at me every time he spoke to me. It was a fun shift though, he gave me god voice and made my cult into a bunch of flagellents.

i did that with chaplain

Whenever i sacrifice like three people i never get my prayers answered.

I find it funny I managed to accidentally create a new ruling.

A guy spam prayed for xeno eggs continually over the course of four consecutive rounds (we’re talking 20 prayers a round here), and when given one he would let them out via gross negligence.

Eventually I’d had enough and gibbed him.

Then he complained to the headmins.

He had a history of doing stuff like this (and even self-antagging in order to buy xeno eggs from centcomm) so this ruling was instated as a result.

It was already a thing

It’s been a thing for a while now, though it was more of an unwritten rule. Now it’s just a written rule.

yeah i told the dude to not fill the report lmao

i was the guy who got gibbed by accident i was just laying on xeno bones chilling and got gibbed too