Powergaming botanist report (Zishy)

In-game report:

CKEY: Wrill

Your Discord: Wrill#3352

Offender’s CKEY: Zishy

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ziah Phoebe

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 9/3/2022

Round Number: 40232

Rules Broken: R2: No powergaming.

Incident Description: Ziah was growing teleporting plants and durathread armor for as far as I know, no reason at all, and also used them to teleport me away when I tried to kidnap them.

Additional Information: Growing teleporting plants for no IC reasoning is the same as a chemist getting a syringe gun and filling it with sedatives, or an assistant stockpiling BS crystals. They are weapons. I also ahelped this in-round and did not get any response.


you are realy realy salty when you dont get it your way arent you? the chef was hiding in botany with me after you tried to kidnap and abductors were reported. thats what promted me to make bluespace tomatoes for self defense.

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i also only used them when YOU tresspassed into botany as a scientist.

I don’t believe that gearing up for self defense while security is alive is a good reason. A chemist should not make death syringes. A scientist should not arm themself with xenobio weapons or similar. With that said, I do believe this report is still valid.

I also only used them when YOU trespassed into botany as a scientist.

According to escalation policy

If you wish for a trespassing player to be removed from your department, contact security before taking matters into your own hands whenever possible

I do not know of any attempts at contacting security that were made BEFORE teleporting me out. I do not believe your point is valid.


Repeat offender is the report is true. There is also another report open as we speak.


we did contact security but they had their hands full with other traitors all shift long

Did you contact security when I trespassed in or when I attacked the cook?

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when you attacked the chef and tried to kill him before

Then that was long before I trespassed in botany. Telling security I attacked the cook 10-20 minutes earlier is not the same as telling security I am currently trespassing in your department.


Trespassing: Trespassing is defined as being in any department you do not have appropriate permission to access (stolen access is not permission). Players who are trespassing are automatically the aggressor in any conflict that starts with someone who is assigned in the current department. As usual, the aggressor may not escalate beyond the level of force used against them. If you wish for a trespassing player to be removed from your department, contact security before taking matters into your own hands whenever possible. Normal escalation follows when a trespasser is immediately aggressive.

you see. dont walk without an RP reason. smart would have been to offer maybe some upgrades to machines or something that would make me actualy want you in there not just walk in there with whatever AA you gave yourself and come towards me when i move away from you

The first time you threw a teleplant at me I was 4 tiles away and not moving towards you. I do not believe you were justified in using them on me. Me not having a reason to enter makes it trespassing. You are handwaving the fact that you attacked before speaking by justifying it by “You were trespassing”, despite the fact that someone trespassing does not give you a free pass to instantly attack them with no warning.


i wish i had nvidia shadowplay on for the lies you are spreading now. i moved all the way back into a corner and you kept coming at me. i trew it at the last possible moment. you even managed to stun me but i got away again and ran for the hills before an obductor came and tried to get me a minute later.

This is incorrect. I am referring to the part where I stepped a few tiles into the door and you threw it at me with no warning. You are referring to the part where I entered again after being teleported, said “I just need some tomatoes”, walked in and THEN attacked you.

and i trew it into the narrow way between you and me and not at you. and obviously your reasons were total bs and if you realy think everyone is so naive as to believe a scientist who was already reported as being a baddy would want a fucking tomato you are doing some real gymnastics here. we have counters and windows for a reason.

I could be misremembering but I believe this is false, I don’t think I would’ve been teleported if this was the case.

My reasons to enter do not matter. Your reasons to grow the plants are the original report reason, and your reason to attack me are another issue that was brought up, I have been led to believe that you are not allowed to attack people without warning unless you are in immediate danger. I was not rushing you down at that moment, you were not in immediate danger.

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I just remembered that they were also wearing Durathread Armor at the time this occurred, I’ll edit the report accordingly.

Self defence is not a valid reasoning after someone proved themselves a direct threat previously? lmao

Seeing as you are bringing up escalation… I believe that while a little cut short may provide reason to pre-emptive self defence:
" Repeat aggressors: Once you have been the defender in a conflict with the same player three times, you may escalate immediately to step five for the current and all future conflicts in which they are the aggressor. This means you may not revenge kill them on sight if they receive medical treatment, but you may immediately toolbox their brains out again if they decide to shove you."

While it seems to be 2 encounters in this case the outcome was violent… You cant stab someone, wait 10 min then pretend everything is normal when you try to break in and do it again…

I’m not saying what they done is perfectly fine… but I believe that they were at least somewhat justified to act in self defence. You were the aggressor in this case… B/&/E is enough to start an encounter.
They seem to have had IC reason to defend their space after watching you attack a colleague. (and I’m sure you would have just waited there patiently while sec arrive to escort you out of botany)

Also under powergaming rules: * Red or Delta Alert or a direct threat/attack to yourself or your department is justification for arming/preparing yourself.

(and yes… I have seen the track record… I’m defending the act of preparing after a prior altercation. not the player specifically)

so you are saying botanists arent allowed to make durathread ? you want everyone to just stand still for you or better yet line up and let you take them one by one?

I think growing and wearing durathread is the same as acquiring an armor vest. A roboticist shouldn’t get an armor vest to defend themself because a scientist was attacked from what I understand.

I did not attack Ziah or even enter botany until this incident occurred. The only reason they had to believe I was a heretic was the word of the cook, not once did they actually see me attack the cook.

From what I understand, they grew these plants because the cook was attacked, not because they themself were ever threatened.

It was also not 2 encounters, it was a singular encounter with ziah, I was only teleported into the hall possibly 5 tiles away, and not anywhere I would consider far enough to say the encounter was over, especially since it was 10 seconds between me getting teleported out and walking back in.

hey next time you want a tomato. just stand at my counter and ask for one. i made the tomatoes for my chef friend and we could have spared some for you too, but instead of asking you just started doing what anybody would perceive as threatening