Post your VIP Extraction roles suggestions here

Currently there are only three possible VIP’s that can spawn, CentCom Official, Assistant and Matryr Dictator.

It is actually very easy to add new roles to this roster, so I’d like you to post your suggestions of the name of the role, their equipment, and the flavor text they get told when they spawn in.

Currently existing flavor text:


Syndicate Agent
“You are an undercover Syndicate operative, trapped on a derelict station. You have just been assigned a new objective. Head to (insert station name here) and complete it at all costs. Good luck agent.”
They get regular old assistant kit with one random piece of tot gear and one objective on the station.


Ancient Movie Star
“You are a famous movie star, renowned for your hit roles. You were sipping a mai tai on vacation at this luxury space station when disaster struck and you were forced into a cryopod! Try to escape with your mind, body, and luxurious hair intact!”
They get a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and a volleyball with a face on it. Their data disk is called “Screenplay”, it can be the Lusty Xeno Maid or something funny like that.


“You no understand all these bright lights. Moon people come and take you to the sky. Been frozen for long time. Scary animals all around. Must survive. Find a way back to tribe.”
They get a loincloth, some wood, and a club.


You are a shapeshifting alien abomination, and you successfully taken out the entire station and sent out a false distress signal, Don’t start killing until you reach the station, or the crew will grow suspicious of you

Gets normal changeling objectives


I’d be so freaked out if we pulled up to a derelict and kept finding husks, holy shit.

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please add this one, coders.

VIP is a possible antag?
Time to stop doing vip extractions because meta

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Abandoned Cyborg
“you are a Cyborg stranded on a station after the surviving crew escaped on a shuttle, follow the standard operating procedures and be returned to central command.”
Starts as a borg with a bluespace cell and a randomly selected module.

Captured Ashwalker
“your necropolis was destroyed and you were kidnapped to be experimented on until they all left in a hurry. Since then you have survived on what is left on this ruin. Don’t get captured by the nanotrasen crew again!”
Only possible if ashwalker necropolis has spawned in lavaland. Get 200 coins if the tendril is intact at the end of the round.


There is already a 7% chance for some to be a traitor and a 8% chance to be a changeling.


add an ion law to that cyborg for maximum fun


Mad Apiculturist
“You were a renowned beekeeper until disaster struck! You have awoken on an installation full of hostile entities and your mind is playing tricks on you. Find safety, for you and your hive.”
Starts with a beekeeping suit, some bees with wacky effects, and schizophrenia

dont forget, they spawn as an apid


Failed experiment.

You were a high ranking official in nanotrasen sometime ago but you were kidnapped by the syndicate and experimented on.

You wake up from cryostasis and the first thing you notice is a pair of cat ears and a tail attached to your body.

You have no clue where you are and how much time passed since those cruel experiments but you managed to turn on an S.O.S beacon

Return to nanotrasen and replace your cat organs with normal human ones


Cat Surgeon

You were so preoccupied with your latest project that you failed to notice that your hideout was destroyed along with your beautiful creations, luckily new subjects have arrived as a sign of respect you should ‘fix’ them and their friends by force if necessary


Pizza Delivery Boy (Ball cap, drip shoes, Backpack - x3 five-box stacks of pizza boxes, x1 kitchen knife. Suggestion by PsionicTarrasque: delivery request note for “I. C. Weiner”)

“No gas, no cash, and no tip. Your delivery turned for the worst but you can turn this around… at another station. Maybe if you flip these pizzas your boss won’t flip out.”


Delamination survivor:

They are incredibly irradiated. So is much of the environment.


Can they have a delivery request for I. C. Weiner?


a clown or mime exile.
they were exiled for their deviant comedic practices.

YES, this goes in.