Possible metagang/metafriendship player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Mat05usz

Your Discord: Mat05usz

Offender’s CKEY: Serket

Offender’s In-Game Name: Edward Irish

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10.19.2021

Round Number: 33464

Rules Broken: None specific for now.

Incident Description:
I played a very enjoyable round on Beestation after a while, when after being ganked up and dying I learned that there is a possibility of a metagang working. By metagang I mean one person having antag status, and then seemingly for absolutely no reason somehow catching others off guard and converting them.

Multiple people in salt chat said that they don’t care enough to make a report, so I did.
I would love if an admin checked that round for possible signs of Metafriendship between Edward and his ‘victims’. That round, maybe some prior, maybe some in the future, please do it.

Additional Information: I’m a person who’s tired of seeing ‘admins won’t care’, ‘they have more important stuff to do’ shit in dchat and I want to report it.

Also whatever you say in the comments, just making the topic for reasons above. I have no interest in this, I don’t hate/love/like/etc the person reported, just wanna have admins to look into this.

Changed the title so it doesn’t look like it’s a report against Serket.


Yeah I can see how it looks bad from the outside, but just to give my side of things. Bartender traitor setting stuff up, and people keep visiting the back so I decide fuck it Ill do a gimmick. I invite people to the back for a “Spiritual Journey” or for a special drink. With one of them I used my telepathy to send creeping messages urging them to sleep. I tried to roleplay out most of the hypnosis but my name probably did play a big role on why they actually said yes. Maybe Ill go non static for a little while. (Also good on you for actually caring and making a report, I’m usually one of the people who are too lazy too :P)

I don’t care about my round, I’m just reporting it cause I’m too tired of seeing/hearing people who won’t because ‘admins won’t care anyways’. Please disregard my presence in that round completely, treat this as a more ‘crowd vs X’ kinda thing.


I think that was one of the issues, that someone who knew you just accepted, regardless of anything else just to become an antag. But that’s only worth exploring for admins if said person had previous interactions with you and can be checked in logs.

I just realised how badly it sounds, not it’s not a gang up and I don’t expect anyone else to show up in this thread. Just want admins to check this out and close it, if they think there were no rules broken.


Ah yeah kinda misred the report, sorry. I hope logs can confirm there wasn’t any meta comms. I did all off the conversion ic. Its just people recognizing me and going on with my bit. Hopefully an admin can come along soon and prove this.

The report is not about metacomms, it’s about metagangs/metabuddies/metafriends etc. Basically people who had no reason to join you, and they wouldn’t otherwise if it wasn’t for you, but they did.


There’s a difference behind a known figure that like more than half the station recognizes on sight (and therefore, most people put trust in him and assume it’s not le epic debrain instant cremation antage) and metafriends who buddy up and do everything to give eachother advantages.

In this scenario, edward offered the gimmick to everyone. people who knew him went “fuck it sure it’s edward he’s known not to be a shitter”, but at no point did either party explicitly seek out the encounter to turn eachother into antags solely out of metafriending.

If anything, it’s not edward’s fault that he has a reputation for being a good player with fun gimmicks. It’d at most be the other players who trusted him on sight because “it’s edward”, and even then, it doesn’t violate any rules to trust someone more than any other.

Especially since edward actually uses that trust to fuck you up sometimes. Many times have I followed him wherever he asked me explicitly to, and many times did he debrain my ass


Its ed… nuff said…

Sorry for the shitty replies yesterday, I did them on my phone while sleep deprived.

Now to start off, I didnt flash anyone because they where my “metabuddy”, they all had a specific part in my plan with ic incentives to hypnotize. (I’ll list them here)

Cmo - Had access to my objective and had a high up position with access to corpses

Paramedic - Early grab for support incase security caught on, and access to the med lathe which I needed for my chemistry setup

Miner - I was originally planning to make a metal foam chemical payload as a bit, I was going to use gibbotine for this. Although I changed my gimmack halfway through and focused on buying a syndicate monkey and decking him out in swag instead

Birg Phyis - She was lying around my bar drinking and trying to talk to me the whole time, if I didnt grab her she’d probably give me away to sec or the crew before I was ready.

Curator - In roleplay standards they’re the most likely to want a “spiritual journey”, I heard them mumble religious stuff about the void etc a lot. They also had access to exclusive curator weapons which could be useful as backup.

Now as for the reasons they accepted me flashing them, I can’t say. Although I admit my name probably played a part in it, I’d also attribute it to how I went about asking. Sometimes people do go along with antag presents themselves properly.

This is my side of it, but you’re welcome to draw your own opinions.

Serket is everybody’s meta friend.


Its cliche at this point but, yeah, everyone just kinda likes Edward Irish. I have literally had 0 negative interactions with him, and I’ve never seen him pick a fight with anyone.


Sounds really cool that so many people like each other, but this report is about people who, while having no proper IC reason, decided to join his ‘gang’. I probably should change the title at this point, but if I make it (?) player report with X (?) people that I don’t know ckeys of, no admin is going to check that one round and will just mark it closed after 6 months or something.

Okay so we should make an expetion in rules that if a known person makes a gimmick then you can freely join them without any repercussions because you like them.

And if no party has made any effort to seek out their metariends, that’s the admins job right now, not yours.

So you (and 6 people ‘’‘liking’’’ your post) means that its fine that there are ‘metagangs’, but since it’s a metagang you’re in it’s fine. Nice.

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What is this schizo shit. He’s just a liked player. I literally never interact with him outside of the game, and even in the game we’ve spoke maybe three times.


Your response here seems to be in support of the event that happened (otherwise, why would you comment here, becaue if it’s irrelevant then it shouldn’t be in this report), by support I mean that it’s fine by you that people who like Edward just join him.

Joining someone just because you like them OOCly is against the rules (afaik), but that’s why it’s a report, so admins can rule on this.

That is just mean and insensitive.

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I uh, I dont think thats what they’re saying. They’re just saying sometimes people have more patience with antag gimmacks based on the players reputation for gimmacks.

What do you mean by and if? And well it is the admin’s job but I feel people should contribute their two cents.

I’m not really sure what you mean by metagangs if this is the case, is anyone who likes me and supports me even on the forums in my “metagang”? I’ll be the first to admit it, my reputation has a lot of effects on my game. Nearly 2/3s of the server treat me differently then they would the “average player”. But that can be said for almost every single well known static player.

Also no, I don’t think he’s saying its fine that people help me for no occ reasons. He’s merely pointing out that a lot of people have strong opinions of me one way or another and that means there’s a high chance people will treat me differently due to this. Well at least that’s how I interpreted it, he can chime in if I’m wrong.

Also yes that was a bit rude, but to be fair to kapu you also did say this which comes off very passive aggressive


And should they? It’s all based on OOC knowledge, which, apart from some ‘friendships’, is prohibited in new rounds.

I mean that it’s admins job to check out logs and see if there was proper IC relation before letting you convert them.

Notice how I use metagangs in ‘’, I don’t mean true, proper metagangs like we used to have back in 2019. I mean something like Gukle had, so people like someone else and just follow them for no IC reason every round.

I’m going to stop right there, since It’s not my report. I’ll wait for an admin and only respond if something is a ‘lie’/doesn’t make sense etc.

You’ll note here that gukle never was banned and couldnt be banned for “metaganging” because,get this, it wasn’t a metagang and was ruled as such by admemes.

Oh yes it is, but people can say what they saw and thier opinons in the mean time. Howl is saying that based upon thier memory of the event (maybe they observed it?) and on the statements in this report it seems I haven’t done anything wrong. Obviously only the admins can prove this but this is just a comment on the situation as it develops brining up a point in the story as it appears to be.

That’s a fair point, I thought you where referring to that type of metagang actually so this clears up a lot. So I take you’re point, but I am going to refer you back to your earlier statement.

Now Im not sure what you meant by “Follow” but I’ll just cover the two possible meanings incase. If you meant follow as in just lend a helping hand and hang out due to past friendship. Then it wouldn’t count as metaknowlege as you said here. But if you meant “Follow” as in let them convert them to an antag, then yes this would be against the rules, for self antag and metaknowlege. However I believe that everyone I hypnotized had adequate ic reasons to become vulnerable to me hypnotizing them. Would the players have acted the same way to another player? Did they just let me hypnotize them for antag status or to lend me a hand? There’s no real way of knowing these things unless you dig into someone’s mind.

In short, people do treat me diffrently based on my relationship with them but I dont think its as much as gukle? Gukle would simply walk up to people and say “Join” or “Give gun”. But I usually try to compel characters IC if I want something. Again we’ll have to wait for the admins to tune in with the logs but I did try to give everyone I hypnotized a bit of a motivation for joining.

So why was he community removed?

Okay as I think we all missed something there, I will try to edit the title to reflect the true cause and stop it from being pointed towards Serket.