Possible hybird taser readditon

As you all know, hybrid tasers are extremely unbalanced, insta hardstun knockdown from a distance, at least tg’s stunbatons require you get in close.

This thread will serve as a possible readdition of hybird tasers with some reworks and nerfs.

ELECTRODES: They travel slower, only good at close engagements, and require a short charging up duration “SHITSECCIE BEGINS CHARGING UP THE HYBIRD TASER”

After a short 3 second period, it fires off an electrode, this 1 knocks down for 5 seconds, inflicts 70 stamina damage, drains 1/3 of the taser’s charge. The charging period requires 2 hands to use because of the recoil. and knocks the user back 1 tile,.

Just use The Shotgun™ - the superior law enforcement weapon

Your unironically correct, advanced shotgun shells can act as ghetto hybrid tasers, the meteor slug gun knocks down, acting as a ghetto electrode

Riot shotguns from the armory are by default loaded with rubbershots that shoot 6 pellets, each dealing 3 brute damage and 9 stamina damage. If you are able to hit with all pellets one shot deals 54 stamina damage and 18 brute. They are never used however, as you can just load that shotgun with lethals that lets you execute a sentence while you’re arresting a criminal.

brings back shitty meta and hard stun based combat
lets me scream FEAR THE GOLDEN BOLT as seccy

pros outweighs the cons re-add