Possible admin grudge by ruko

In-game misconduct:


Your Discord:blazikenowen

Offender’s CKEY: n/a

LRP or MRP server: sage

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): n/a

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2021-06-11 03:48

Round Number: 30430

Rules Broken (if relevant): possible admin grudge to abuse rule

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): possible admin grudge to abuse rule

Incident Description: so I got a appearance ban regarding my name mothball from froststahr this got sorted but the issue is this ban request came from ruko asking frost to do it, the issue here is a month before this was done I had issues with ruko they got sorted but its awfully coincidental that a month after an issue (may 19th the original issue happened june 11th the ban happened) they ask for me to be appearance banned for my character mothball, a character I have had for years and is as you guessed it a moth. I have played on both sage and golden as mothball with no issues and in the past been told in discord by a mod that it was fine having the name,now I can admit it may not be because of a grudge but the timing seems incredibly coincidental, one issue about this as well is it seems odd that this happened when this rule doesn’t tend to be reinforced most of the time unless the name is blatently brain dead and if the name had been an issue I would of been notified of it, especially considering I’ve been in rounds on sage as mothball with admins in them including ones with ruko in it.

Additional Information:
It’s rather well known that I am mothball and have been for years its also pretty well known that I don’t see mothball as just a character but a part of me a good part of me so for mothball to just be ruined like that upsets me alot and to make things worse the round I went in and found I was ban in someone had not only taken my character name but the exact same appearance as my character mothball this is being looked into by frost but you can imagine how its a huge kick in the teeth for me.

Also keep in mind I’m not saying it’s 100% a admin grudge and rule abuse but the timing is pretty coincidental and it just seems off that I get hit with this a month after one issue (proof of may issue is in the InspectorGadgetini Player Report) with ruko

Never having the name corrected doesn’t mean it’s allowed within naming policy.
Also policy changes.

Admins aren’t omniscient, we can miss things.

You got notified that it was an issue when you got banned.

Regardless of past naming policy the name ‘Mothball’ doesn’t fit with current naming policy so being banned for using it (so an appeal can be made) is not at all unreasonable.

This part is just my opinion of the situation, take it as you will.
I find it incredibly hard to believe that a minor disagreement on a player report thread resulted in them placing an appearance ban a month later (over a legitimate policy violation) as part of some grudge.


As I have said in my post I’ve actually been told previously by a mod in discord the name was fine, it was a while ago though and I had asked in regards to sage, also I can’t call the issue me and ruko had “minor” considering he claimed I wasn’t a english speaker because at the time I had issues using punctuation, when its known for a fact that I am not only a native english speaker but from the uk this is common knowledge about me the issue even went into general of discord for abit but as I said that issue got sorted in regards to that.

Also yes Admins aren’t omniscient but considering admins would see my char name during Ahelps you can’t really miss it especially if said character is revived because of griefers who got banned for there griefing

heading to bed will respond to anything put from here on when I wake up

Player has since been comunity removed by majority internal vote.
This would be strong indication to me that, no, ruko didnt just gave a grudge on you.
Putting asside that this is a verry obvious case of " Admin enforce rule that I’ve been breaking for months, report he!"



I uh… forgot this was still open when that went on.
NGL it looks hella shady in retrospect