Port the HOS's personal weapon beacon and by extension the MWS Big Iron from skyrat


On skyrat the HOS can get a personal laser gun that’s literally a big iron with special shells (stun, kill, ion, xray etc).

I want my big iron.

Give me my big iron.

then steal the detectives revolver, claim mutiny if he doesnt give you it.


That was originally from VoreStation called the N.S.F.W. Just saying… … … … … . .

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hangy why do you play on skyrat? force unfortunate furries into licking your sec boots for less brig timer?

gun still sounds epic tho

thematically it fits the hos theme better having a dred style multi-ammo select revolver

id like to see the taser incorperated into someone elses gun however just cause its a unique function

not entirely sure who it would be appropiate on, maybe give the HoS gun to the captains locker?

I’m telling your mom you erp on a 2d space game


Good luck getting to south korea :flushed:

Guys don’t port things over from Skyrat.

It starts with a based gun, next thing you know you get bwoinked for killing your traitor target mid-ERP!

But… but… muh big iron…

Never actually thought of that, imagine you are playing on an erp server and you are traitor - you pick some gay ass felinid with a lengthy description and get your target to go to dorms with yourself and boom theyre dead.
Though admittedly not as based as maxcapping them when nonantag