[POOL] State of things

Are things good or bad?
  • good
  • bad

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Could be better, could be worse.

I voted good and I’m banned so like-

Its not good nor is it bad. Its okay. Perhaps its good because clover got announced, but so far im only really excited about the a) medical rebalance b) resprite c) clover. Which are not yet here, so yknow. New year and all will have to be the one reason things seem good.

No meh option 202020

You lost your opinion when the permaban came


when’s that heretics rework coming?

When you code it

it’s already getting coded you birthturd, bruh!

I thought it was all coded up and was just waiting to be merged because of bizarre c*der politics

I would prefer longer round times on MRP.
Captains always have the attitude “I don’t think we can fix this, let’s call shuttle”, but instead should be thinking "We have tried fixing it, and it can’t be done or still hasn’t been done, let’s call the shuttle.

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I generally want more Medium Roleplay on "M"RP.

The rounds are designed to be an hour to an hour and a half long. Past that major issues are made.

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