Pololast banned by rukofamicom

CKEY: pololast

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom

Server: MRP

Ban Type: Job

Ban Length: 2 weeks

Ban Date: 2020-04-04 12:04

Round ID: 14232

Ban Reason: Made a fusion canister and then started dragging it around the station. Was stopped early, but laughed at the players he was irradiating as he did it. Watch for future instances of grief and give a lengthy full-ban for it if anything like this repeats.

Appeal Reason: admin telling it as if i tried self-antag. I have never pulld a fusion canister out of engineering but i pulld hyper-nob canister which is hitten by radioactive particules so also radioactive. I figured out it later. I tried to get these to Cargo for extra credits.

Additional Information: I was playing as IPC and did not aware that particles hits me makes me walking chernobyl. Not sure if it is the same round but after AI warned me i self isolated in atmos rest of the round. I have just managed to make fusions and i am inexperienced and sorry.

Nah dude, you dragged disco fusion canister to engie foyer while there were quite a few people, it literally shot me second after I converted you, and admin already pulled logs when you laughed when people where dying from rads.

Edit: Also imagine doing fusion and not to be aware of rads when shit’s shooting, nice one playing retarded.

[2020-04-02 18:15:17.129] ATTACK: Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) has been shot by with the nuclear particle (Engineering Foyer (118, 86, 2))
[2020-04-02 18:15:17.661] ATTACK: Mat05usz/(Luka Stainforth) has stabbed Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) with the pen (NEWHP: 96.3) (Engineering Foyer (118, 85, 2))
[2020-04-02 18:15:17.662] ATTACK: Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) Has been converted to the Papa Murphy’s gang! (Engineering Foyer (118, 86, 2))
[2020-04-02 18:15:29.755] ATTACK: Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) has been shot by with the nuclear particle (Engineering Foyer (117, 87, 2))
[2020-04-02 18:15:36.837] ATTACK: Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) has thrown the iron (Engineering Foyer (118, 87, 2))
[2020-04-02 18:15:41.858] ATTACK: Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) has been shot by with the nuclear particle (Engineering Foyer (117, 87, 2))
[2020-04-02 18:15:44.015] ATTACK: Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) has been shot by with the nuclear particle (Engineering Foyer (117, 88, 2))

Main engineering foyer is still right by the hall, and you pulled it up right next to other players and decided to laugh while they complained.

[2020-04-02 18:15:15.387] SAY: Pololast/(FieldFusion-001) “hahhaha” (Engineering Foyer (117, 85, 2))

What exactly were you doing with the canister, or planning to do with it if pulling it around a crowd of players and laughing at them isn’t grief/self-antag? I didn’t make this a full-ban because you don’t have much on record - just a job ban from access to dangerous gasses.

Nah, he was just pulling hypernob canister to sell, can’t you see? :upside_down_face:

@Ruko hey i remembered the round now.

they were all family members, the whole engineering except me. literally every each of them in the room like 4 people and the leader, no other crewmembers. aren’t family members are all antag? i was lying there dying when they managed to convert me. I have never did such thing in any other rounds.

@Mat05usz as you said, i was not converted before i took the fusion off. i understand your butthurt but don’t be that mean please.

How would you know EVERYone was gang? It was pretty stale gang that focused more on fixing SM than doing shit, you just went with fusion can laughing, heading to the door out of engie, if I didn’t stop ya with converting, you probably just would exit it.

Edit: Also I’m not butthurt, just tired of retards going ape on MRP and fucking shifts for many people, antags or not.

How would you know EVERYone was gang?

This was the question I tried to answer before deciding to ban - I couldn’t come up with an answer since you had been a shut-in for the entire round up to that point. There’s no way you could have known you were targetting a gang without hearsay.

On top if this changing your story from “I was just trying to get to cargo” to “I was just hitting gang members” is quite a leap in reasoning to justify your actions.

Multiple rounds of having hyper irradiated fusion canister and mob shows in one of them you at least knew about it. Changing the story doesn’t lend well to the excuse either. Also on MRP you should not be killing the entire engineering staff because even if you suspect them all of being gang.

A two week MRP ban for dragging hyper radiated things around station is really light actually. If you had intended to do that as it seems you did, that is severe station grief. On par with maxcapping emergency shuttle or dragging around an SM shard. It is a very very fast and lethal way to kill.

Ban should prolly stay

A two week MRP ban

I actually went lighter than that, it’s just a role-ban from Engineering/Science (dangerous gasses) because they have an almost clean record approaching 100 hours of playtime. They can still play the game in any other departments.

I didn’t say i take the canister to get it to Cargo, not this one. After this round people also complaind that it is radioactive, even it was not the fusion itself but other canisters in atmos i drag around and then i understand i shouldn’t have take canisters to Cargo like that. You talk as if i always do that. I have just managed to get fusion couple rounds ago. it was gang round but i admit i couldn’t be sure all engineering there are gangs.

But you thinking like, if he was not sure about that maybe he also did it before and alike and i object that. i do care about the fact that it is MRP. The part “Watch for future instances of grief and give a lengthy full-ban for it if anything like this repeats.” is also too much.

You talk as if i always do that.

I think there might be some language barrier going on here - Despite the fact this situation looks like intentional grief, I opted not to full ban you because I didn’t believe this was something you regularly do. You would have been reported to caught way before hitting the amount of hours you have played.

The other half of the note is because you are now deserving of more scrutiny if anything like this repeats. You got a partial slide once for doing something pretty bad, and your explanation for it has been shaky enough I think this should stick for the two weeks. Try out some other departments for the duration of the ban.