Poll: What's the game about to you

I have to ask. How do you view beestation’s gameplay goals? I’m not asking about ss13 as a whole since there are servers with many genres already.

The game’s doing a lot of things at the same time and a subtle but omnipresent pastiche of discussion on forums has been people having completely different views about this topic and then basing whatever they’re writing about on that.

So, answer.

Additional info: for different approach to the question, you can also ask yourself: “What part of the game is most impactful for me?” and/or “What do I focus on the most?”

Also if there’s some option you feel I should add, let me know.

  • It’s about playing as an antagonist, or as security versus antagonists. Other roles are filler. (Evidence: This is ultimately the main balancing focus of the game.)
  • It’s about a sandbox experience where you can make unique layouts every round. (Evidence: You have the power to make unique setups every round as multiple jobs.)
  • It’s about seeing how long you can last (perhaps collectively) when everything goes wrong. (Evidence: Everything will try to go wrong even without antagonists. It’s your job to deal with it.)
  • It’s about using the system to experiment and create unique interactions (Evidence: the system is extremely complex with many niche options.)
  • It’s about roleplaying with other players. The above are just trappings for it (Evidence: Heavy focus and encouragement of RP.)
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Is there an “all of the above” option?

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Who are you scared of

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The votes are no longer public. You are allowed to vote something other than rp without fear now.


I would like to vote for more than one option, but voted for the one that was “the most correct”


I voted for sandbox while considering that ‘rp-ing’ option also falls under the unique layouts

The only 100% wrong answer here (to me at least) is “for playing antagonist”. All the rest are true to at least some extent.

The game is a sandbox where anything can happen, and for crafting unique experiences that you can’t get from any other game. It’s got incredible depth and variety as well as constantly changing to the point there’s always something new to discover when you’re playing. All of this comes together to make a great game on its own, but playing for purely mechanical reasons doesn’t compare to crafting a character and telling a collective story with others.

The whole thing comes together with every part, including the antagonists driving conflict and providing an extra layer of chaos to an otherwise fairly orderly pile of autism bait.

I am tied between rp and complex mechanics, as both are necessary. I dont want to spend tons of effort rping all the time, and sometimes want to just chill and make something cool. At other times, though, those things can get quite boring or repetitive.

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I really would say are all of this, minus the sec/antagonist one in equal part. All of the complex mechanics, unique job setups and the chaos the station falls into all serve roleplay for a better atmosphere (sovl :grinning:) and to (ideally) create more interaction between players.

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Just kidding lmao I just play to roll antagonist so i can kill rp nerds because im so robust

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All of the above

Everyone keeps saying the Security VS Antagonist conflict isn’t important - It’s the main force in the round that shakes things up and adds some spice to them. Without a significant conflict, most rounds would be the exact boring same, like they used to be way back when the only gamemodes were tot/ling & totling (because of bad chances)
There’s a lot of dislike for it due to the RR aspect, but without it, SS13 would just be a glorified chatroom embedded in a job simulator. Which, has its purpose as a break from all the chaos, but if it was the only thing left, it’d lose all that makes ss13 unique and entertaining in the first place

I’m gonna take the coward’s way out and say “all of them” but, you just can’t have roleplay without conflict, and removing one from the other just makes it boring or LRP as hell. And it’s weird that the RP/AntagvsSec options are the only ones with negative implications for other aspects of the game lol

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Why not both? It is important and also not important. Everything is important!

I agree, which is why it’s weird for nobody to mention it, vote for it or even outright dismiss it lol
I gave it my pity vote, so that it’s not all alone at 0%, even though I’d normally have voted on “seeing how long you can last”

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You say Sandbox and because I’m mr Halo player I don’t think “the sandbox is about construction”, more so as “an environment in which many toys/tools exist and the unique types of toys there for the purpose of being used by players to create stuff/carnage”

And don’t get started on “oh well halo is an FPS, so building isn’t part of the whole sandbox thing” NOPE, we got forge, people have been re-making halo maps from prior games in Infinite since the map editor came out.

Gimmick/custom game modes exist in the two games, CTF is a gimmick in SS13, but with Halo that’s a core game mode. Stuff like FAT-KID, DUCK HUNT and Cops and robbers are perfect examples of the nutty shit that can be made for custom gimmicky games. Honestly

Sandbox experience means more than “oh you build things in it” it’s a game where there is cool shit everywhere and it is up to you as a player to use it in fun ways to do what you want.
It just so happens that experience has some focus on shooting an enemy player or really well made A.I. enemy in Halo’s case.

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