[poll] thoughts on crew transfer requests?

should sage have crew transfer requests?
  • no
  • yes
  • yes but at a later point

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should golden have crew transfer requests?
  • yes
  • no
  • yes but later than sage

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as much as I hate it when my project gets kicked in the ass because of a crew transfer request, the round could have just as easily been ended by a shuttle call.

Also, recalling a transfer request is grounds for being banned as captain and even antag, so it is the final say in shuttle ping ponging too.

I agree with shuttle requests being a good thing. Lets be honest here: committing yourself to an undefined amount of playtime can have issues with irl as well. Sometimes I only have 70 minutes, I cant play longer than that. Having a fix top end would be neat.

But crew should be able to vote against it if the overwhelming majority wants to stay.

the request shuttle CANNOT be recalled from what i remember

It can, but you’ll get in trouble with da admeens

I personally prefer my round being ended by a transfer shuttle as opposed to the server crashing.

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it was fixed by fran

Also as I always say, if people who are invested can’t outvote the people who’d like a new round, it doesn’t deserve to continue. Pushing it’s time back is another way of trying to get around that and is cringe as hell.

Dead people can’t even vote so that makes it even worse if you can’t outvote the people who want it to end.


I honestly do not see the point of shuttle call on lrp. People vote in comms, and if someone is in the way of democracy (trying to sneak call or recall) he is swiftly removed by angry mob.

Most of the time you either get 60-90 minute rounds filled with antag shenanigans, or 4 hour greenshift on 10/15 pop after the only antag was curbstomped ten minutes in. If we are going tg/paradise way, the transfer vote would start around 1h 30min or 2h mark, and then repeat every 10-15 minutes. Thats kinda annoying imo, and the only situation i can see transfer vote being useful, is when on adminless round shit gets so chaotic that calling the shuttle is literally impossible untill one player gets his shit together and fixes the problem obstructing the call ( lack of power, lack of access, cringe antags recalling from hidden consoles).

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