Plumbing Nerf is Bad

Alright as someone who enjoyed the original plumbing system i recognise that is was incredibly powerful and allowed the production of great healing chems which otherwise are slog to make.

Plumbing could use some kind of resource limitation however the current solution is just bad and has killed plumbing.


  1. With the new system every synthesiser needs an entire compressed matter cartridge. These are unsplitable and stupidly expensive costing 8 iron and 6 glass per 400 reagents for each synthesiser.

  2. In order to make matter cartridge you need to use an the autolathe which is a hassle to bring the metal from med proto to either rnd or cargo and then haul it back whenever a synthisiser runs out. Metal and glass cant be used to fuel them unlike the constructor.

  3. There is no indicators on the synthisisers for no resources. This is dumb since as soon as your factory stops you have to check each individual synthisiser for mats which is just annoying.

  4. With the new resource requirements at round start you start with 3 compressed matter cartridges. You are limited to 3 synthisisers and printing more cartridged is far too expensive at shift start. Added with the time it takes to build complecated factories you will likely be at least 30min into a round before being able to build anything.

Solution Idea

  1. Change synthisisers to require charge rather than compressed matter.

This would remove the massive resource dump needed and would allow for each synthisiser to be charged with an inducer rather than having to print a cartidge every time one runs out.
For this you may have to add ejectable cells to each synth which you can take out and charge like with the space heater.
The synthisiser would consume charge at the same rate as if you used stock med dispensor
This adds a upkeep management to plumbing that isnt crippling.

  1. Add a no charge light

Additional note.
If not this solution at least for the love of god make it as you can refill using metal or glass on synths


An idea I had was to make the plumbing constructor not available at roundstart.
Make it so the tech has to be researched and the resources have to be available before they can be made at the medical fabricator. Also, instead of compressed matter cartridges, make it require something like a “Synthesizer refill” or something that also has to be made at the fabricator.
This will also have the benefit of Chemists actually having to make plastic available in the ore silo which is needed for a couple other things, too.


I’ve outlined the reasons for why I nerfed it into the ground in my PR. Ike wouldn’t let me remove it, which was my very original intention, because it’s simply not healthy for the game. Chemistry shouldn’t be able to trivialize and make the rest of their department completely and utterly obsolete with a 10 minute time investment.

This is intentional. If you’re gonna make the rest of med useless, it’s gonna fucking cost you.

So? Walk? You have legs.

Didn’t bother making sprites. You’re very free to make them. I don’t care.

Also intentional. Stop making medical useless.

I might also just attempt another full removal since this is just a band-aid for the actual issue at hand.

In addition, your “solutions” literally just revert them back to their original state. They used to consume power. By the way, cell chargers do not consume power appropriately to their power use, so this is straight up not an option to begin with.

This still doesn’t fix the issues I’ve outlined either. The only appropriate fix for this whole thing is a flat removal, which was denied by Ike, but might pass under Bacon.

Literally no-one else has complained about plumbing on the forums, it just feels like this came out of nowhere with zero feedback from any player prompting it.

The issue really lies with medical, there have been talks about changes to medical in the near future to do with treating fractures, organs and give doctors stuff to do. Removing the one thing from chemistry with any amount of depth has left it hollow.

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Pro tip, you can also just dump the chems needed for reactions into your plumbing system.

So go to your dispenser, fill a beaker with precursor chems, and fill it like you would add blood.

I know very well what I’m talking about, first off.

Yes, because nobody is going to complain about a system that lets them make an entire department obsolete to begin with.
Nobody wants to get their powergaming toys taken away from them, but that’s how things are around here.

This is, once again, in the works, and not done. It doesn’t affect current medical in the slightest.

Implying that constructing the same factory every round has depth to it.


Fermichem when?

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I fail to see how making a medical factory to heal patients is powergaming

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Also removing features from the game based on personal preference without consulting the community is just bad practice

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My guy, it’s a public repository, you had all the time in the world to voice your opinions on the pull request.

They were never actually used by doctors because chemists just make them public access and give out patches for free. If you had played before the nerf, you would know this.


Eh chemists still do this if you weren’t aware.

Like theres a public fridge purposely placed for the crew to take chems out of plumbing or not.

Lol, lmao even.


Also there was a recent post by Prickly tomato talking about all the pull requests being pushed through without anyone being aware. The expectation that the average player is going to check the github is not reasonable.

edited: wasnt milly

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The act of making a free github account and scrolling through the PR section being unreasonable to you confounds me. If that’s too much for the “average player” then what good would their input have been? They clearly don’t have as much of an invested interest as anyone else going on the github!

One last thing before I go to sleep.

We have a GitHub channel on the discord that literally displays every action taken on the repository.

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Barrier is even lower than that. You can freely check the PRs without an account. Plus we advertise all the github actions in our Discord server.

The expectation that we as a project should cater specifically to you is not reasonable.


I have just looked at the PR, THERE IS NOTHING
how is anyone meant to know the implications when there is literally nothing written about this rework of what it does.

The minority of the players are coders, and information should not be gated off to the rest of us just because we don’t search the code of each of the changes made.

the “Rework”

Either you’re being incredibly disingenuous or you’re confused. You looked at the commit… Not the PR

I am not a coder, the only search result i could find was the one i posted. I do not understand pulls, commits. The fact that i got it wrong, while dumb shows how confusing the whole system can be for non coders

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