Please play on golden

it struggles to reach 20 high pop and it’s dead pop when sage has players to spare

please play on it I don’t care if you hate it


no good players shut u p;.,.

To be honest here I think Golden is better than Sage. But because this is a game that relies inherently on player count even LRP players like me often play on MRP. It’s a vicious circle.


This can only be solved by having more people bite the bullet and play Golden, even if the pop is less than optimal.


but i’m a pop chaser…

that sounds like pimple fetishism tbqh

Yes please, I need more people to adminbus.

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perhaps, the population is my biggest issue

if I do play on golden its because sage is full and then I usually just do stuff that lets me practice my skills like doctor or engineer.

why dont you practice getting some bitches


i just avoid golden altogether like sure I’ve heard that its gotten better that its not the shitshow it used to be but still i have this bad memory of lrp that just doesn’t hit well with me

I will try playing on Golden today, I do fondly remember being the only engi one round and setting up a crappy CO2 SM which I was quite proud of (before I fucked it up).

I already have one puppy, more than that seems kinda redundant given how much energy just one pup has.

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