Please don't resprite the doors or walls

This is NSV right now and I’m scared that Bee will look like this. I much prefer the ones we have now because they’re easy on the eyes. Don’t resprite the walls as well, I don’t want them slanted and the doors all weird.


yeah, the current doors and walls are a staple of regular ss13


3/4 forevah


NSV walls look good, you are just unrobust


They look weird and don’t connect well while also being too detailed making it straining to the eyes.


NSV walls, doors, and windows can sometimes blend into eachother, especially when stacked vertically, until you get used to them. That’s really my only beef with them.

I hope that that’s avoided

I just don’t want them to change ANYTHING to the walls or doors, at least let us keep those.

The topdown gray square blobs are ugly af and Azlanon is god, the new ones will be based.


the virgin rectangle 3d walls vs the chad topdown grey walls


Fuck no, they’re not allowed to change it. 3D walls suck and everyone knows it.
They’re not blobs, they’re square walls and easy to look at. Many things have changed and a lot I don’t like, but don’t hate too much, but walls and doors must never be changed.


they’re not allowed to change it.

says who?

3D walls suck and everyone knows it.

wrong, 3/4 looks way cooler.

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Keep current walls and doors or I will actually riot.


Hangy goes into a gay baby rage oh noooo!!!

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I like the NSV walls and doors but i’d personally prefer if Bee kept the base SS13 look. I came to bee because /tg/ had a stroke and it was the most “vanilla” ss13 server out there, might sound weird or dumb as hell, but i like the current “retro”-y look we got.

If there is a resprite, i just hope it keeps the vibe of the base sprites instead of trying too hard to be fancy (coughtoolrespritecough)


Petition to remove Belone’s PR access.


they’re not allowed to change it.

says who?

Says me, but I’m saying that just to show how much I don’t want walls to be changed, and a lot of people seem to agree with me as well.

Go to paradise, lol 202020

Muh classix ss13 experience

Just go to paradise, literally the only thing that is even slightly different is that its medsystem has traumas.

Paradise’s run speed is fucking atrocious. It’s agonizing.

Thats the classic experience for you