Please add a minimum pop requirement for Malf/Rogue AI

It is, arguably, one of if not the single strongest antagonist role a player can be assigned, right next to wizard.

Assaulting a rogue AI is extremely difficult for even a well prepared crew, much less a sub 25 player round, especially when there is no command around with the access needed to immediately address the situation. An antagonist AI can raise an army of cyborgs (I never see ghost roles taken faster than when posibrains get turned on during an antagonist AI round), are given borderline murderbone passes after they’re discovered (the wording on the escalation policy allows an antag AI to go loud and immediately wipe out the station of “hostile crew”), and are one of the hardest antagonists to track down and eliminate, requiring the crew to assault a near literal fortress to do so, in the best circumstances – and good luck doing so before the ultra tanky cyborg army runs you over.

Antagonist AI straight up requires powergaming to take down on anything less than 30-40+ pop rounds, and even then it is a bloody struggle that is not always possible. The power antagonist AI has makes it completely inappropriate for anything less than medium-high pop, and I strongly believe it needs to have its requirements adjusted.

Yes, this is an angry “I died” post, but when an antagonist AI kills 90% of the roster on a 20 pop round and the online moderator says it didn’t break any rules, then that shit needs to be changed immediately.


:3 Malf AI can no longer occur on lowpop by Absolucy · Pull Request #8718 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub


You are a shining beacon of hope and joy. A blessing on you and your house for 1000 years.

Maintainers please merge this immediately. Cancerous is an understatement.


As an AI player that loves malf AI due to the RP opportunities:
Yeah fair enough.

That being said it would be cool if Malf AI wasn’t as murderbony on the objectives.

I want to play a paperclip maximizer, not a HAL 9000.

Let me have objectives that result in me turning the station into crowbars and all the crew into miners or slaved mining borgs to further collect iron to make into crowbars, not boring shit like “kill the botanist”.


This is a great idea Orion!!

Different objectives for AI, since they aren’t really a normal “syndicate agent”!!

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