Player Reports Rules and Formatting (READ ME)

Player Reports Rules and Policies

We advise that you follow the rules when posting to improve the speed and quality of processing of player reports.

The rules for this section are:

  1. Please be respectful towards the offender and everybody else even if you’re the victim. Having had something bad done to you doesn’t give you a free pass to do whatever nasty stuff back.
  2. Shitposting, trolling, unrelated posting or any otherwise interfering actions are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  3. Related posting is ALLOWED only if you are objectively contributing to the report, for instance pointing out something everybody has missed or are referring to a rule.

Please respect the forum rules. Violations may result in a forum ban. Repeated or especially severe violations might result in a server ban in addition to a forum ban.

Remember to post your thread in the correct sub-category!