Player report: Unknown Ckey Round 423885

In-game report:

CKEY: Luxlator

Your Discord: Luxlator #9610

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Milo Dobrobochko

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 1/23/23

Round Number: 423885

Rules Broken: Rule 2, Valid hunting

Incident Description:
Milo was security and being over the top with escalation against Yuri. He was asking the brig doctor to cut off his tongue and limbs “because he hated him” and “He’s an asshole”. Also because the bartender was shouting in coms about shitsec. Milo also tried to convince the brig doc that despite having heard the HOS saying no to the request of delimbing and tongue removal, the HOs said yes and the brig doctor “was hearing things”.
Apparently there was a trial prior in which I wasn’t able to witness as I was offline. Later on when the captain walked in saying to let Yuri free as he was cuffed for an hour, Milo began to push and shove Yuri, despite the captain telling him to stop.

After that Yuri walked to the bar and got dragged into the cryo room where he was murdered by a botanist [was unable to get their name]. Then all Milo, the security officer said was “Good job, I hated him.”

At round end, it was revealed that Milo was Yuri’s target but I still feel like this goes against rule 2 and can be considered over escalation considering Milo continually went after Yuri.
Additional Information:
Attached is a photo of my ahelp as I was told by admin, since they were involved IC they could not help.

[First time doing a forum report so apologies if it’s wrong in anyway, I’m learning.]


Unless you have a personal reason against him let it go. It’s fine

It’s not personal just he broke a rule?

I was obviously a traitor and i did obviously kill that chef

Isnt it valid hunting then? Sorry Im not understanding

Enemy of the station is kill on sight no?

TBH I haven’t played in 9 years. I’m relearning half the stuff here. I’m gonna wait for an admin honestly.

I don’t know what the standards are here and I honestly don’t wanna get slapped because I made a wrong decision.

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Changelings, heretics, nukies, cultists (although admins perfer if you deconvert them if possible) are enemies of the corporation which is capital. Tots are still employees of NT.

No, traitors are not kill on sight unless they’re walking around with hulk are are armed so to the point you cannot safely arrest them.


No, you should read up on server rules.

Beestation and most other RP servers do not have kill-on-sight “valid” rules and this isn’t a server where the focus is “kill the bad guys”.

Security is supposed to attempt non-lethal arrest whenever possible, only defending themselves lethally if they must or are facing lethal force themselves. With only a few exceptions, even in cases where lethal self defense is applied the other player is supposed to be treated and processed, not just left field executed.

Non-security isn’t supposed to be chasing down threats pretty much at all.