Player report on multiple Unknowns by Cartlord

In-game report:


Your Discord: I’m not in the BeeStation Discord Server, this didn’t happen in the Discord Server, and I now frequent the forums, so I’m not initially including this, but I can add it after the fact if it’s needed for something I’m not anticipating.

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown (I don’t know how I’m supposed to get those, because I can’t easily find a replay viewer and I got no reply when I Mentorhelped about it)

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mr. Bone, Eats-The-Bugs, Maurice Apate, Ward Chromlie

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-03-2022

Round Number: 37860

Rules Broken: Ward broke 1.6, and no others that I know of; Eats possibly broke 1.6, probably broke rule 3, and almost definitely broke rule 9; Maurice probably broke rule 3, as well as rule 9; Mr. Bone broke rule 9, and no others that I know of.

Incident Description:
I played an Apid, and so I was seeking fruit. I asked the Botanists (Maurice and Eats-The-Bugs) for fruit, came back just a bit later to ask how progress was going, and was told to be patient.
I come back over twenty minutes later, and they still have not grown any edible fruits despite me having directly asked for fruit earlier. I ask for any food, and they give me an ear of corn that takes me from hungry to OVERFED in one(!) bite. I stayed fat for half the remaining shift, because nobody was able to make lipolicide and I couldn’t find any Medical Doctors who were willing to do fat removal surgery. I think this is a rule 3 violation, because the Botanists were not producing anything that was safely edible (everything else I could see them growing was durathread, wood, wheat, or drugs and the Chef was pretty much only making burgers that I’m pretty sure I couldn’t eat without suffering). The rule 9 violation is because the Botanists were also mass-crafting bows & arrows, and using Common radio to advertise that they were giving them out to all Assistants. One of them also made a gaseous-decomp Pax(?) plant and gave it out to Sec, which - according to O.O.C. - was used by the Sec force to enhance their shitcurity powers. I don’t have any names to attach to that, and I don’t even know for sure if it was a problem (I know there were pacification plants, but not if they were used for evil), since I was hitting rocks pretty much the entire shift. I mention rule 1.3 as well because Eats-The-Bugs kept saying “my brother in Christ”, an extremely transparent reference to a lame meme that’s been circulating lately.
Mr. Bone came out of a locker while I was begging Botany to grow fruit, said “Vibe check”, shot me in the head with an arrow, and ran off.
Ward Chromlie said “Bruh.” at one point over Common.

Additional Information:
I couldn’t bring the Botanists’ antics up with the Head of Personnel, as (as far as I knew) we didn’t HAVE one for most of the shift. I brought it up with our H.O.P. (Linus Lemmings) when they arrived, and they made it sound like they’d handle it, but when I checked in on Botany quite a bit later there was still nothing edible being grown. This lack of action is likely because the shift was a shitshow, we had a Wizard AND Swarmers - so H.R. likely became a secondary concern.


I am Ward Chromlie.

To be clear, i’m being reported for saying “Bruh” over common? Is that a phrase you’ve never heard someone say? Is that breaking roleplay somehow? Not really sure that counts as netspeak, man.


It can come across as being LRP if done excessively, although if it’s a one off thing then it’s not an issue.


Maurice here. I made this plant and i passed it to security. I too was flustrated with how they kinda abused that plant. I grew healing tobacco under curators request, made capture plant for security due to wizard threat being real(which they abused on other people and it made me regret it), bounty egg-plants for cargo. I made corn too as food, but if my memory serves me right, i did say that it might make you fat.

It was edible, though way too filling, i got fat too, i thought it wouldn’t be that filling. I do not see reason why do i get reported over it. Other botanist made bows and durathread clothing. But i do agree about the officer doing bull with the plant i made for them. I am quite surprised they shot you with a bow too.


I don’t consider the corn to be safely edible because one single bite took me from hungry to overfed, there was no way to consume it without suffering other than grinding it and carefully sipping from the container you ground it in.

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Just poppin’ in real fast to let you guys know that if your potency is two high on plants it has this affect, which is why you really don’t want pot higher then like 60 on plants for eating. It’s good for other things like if the plant has a regent you want or it’s death nettles and you’re a traitor (does more damage) (or if you’re using it for the biogen! High pot food gives you more biogen points I believe) but food wise it becomes pretty unedible past that point. Though that’s something that not everyone knows so :^) just a fun fyi

Side note: Botany isnt under any actual obligation to fulfill the requests of crewmembers at least rules wise. They should but there isnt a requirement.


Arguably, I think failing to fulfill requests without a good reason (roleplay reasons (like conflict), threats to the station, too much work, or just straight up not knowing how to do it) might qualify as breaking roleplay rules. It’s certainly vague, but if there’s a pattern of certain people ignoring requests, maybe that’ll warrant action?

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Thats fair. I was just saying that technically there is no actual requirement to fulfill requests (Except for vague interpretations of the RP rules.) and as i said, they still should do it, but they are not required to do so. In the same way the chemist is not required to give you what you ask for or the way science or engineering are not required to give you what you ask for.

Plus i think its good for generating IC conflict anyway so i dont think it should be made a requirement. Its interaction, even if its negative.

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The thing is, they didn’t even refuse my request - they made it sound like they’d work on it, and when I came back somewhere around twenty minutes later, they acted like they didn’t even know what I was talking about. I would compare this to a Chemist only making synthflesh and methamphetamine for the entire shift, because aside from the wheat I wasn’t sure about eating (they were skilled enough to make the corn into perfect biofuel, maybe they’d done something to the wheat - plus i never feel right eating straight-up wheat on what’s theoretically a roleplay server) and the corn that instantly overfed me, they weren’t making ANYTHING that was edible. It’s not just that they didn’t provide me with what I wanted to eat, it’s that they didn’t make anything I COULD eat.

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i made the bows arrows and durathread just to give them to people because it was a red allert and there was a wizzard so i dont see that being much of problem and i even tho not making the fruit is kinda an ass thing i dont bellieve you needed it much since lavaland has fruity cacti which as a bee person should be edible for you

I wasn’t there for this round but on multiple other rounds feeds-the-bugs has done exactly the same thing for the sole purpose of causing grief. Their gameplay pattern every round, and I mean literally every single round here, is to stockpile weapons and tools, steal department items (usually science or mining), beg for more access, use access to loot more weapons and combat tools like nanite boards, then roam looking for valids to hunt and security to harass. Their “roleplay” is that they are a massive dickhead to everyone, they spout exclusively memes and verbal abuse, and they pretend to be an ashwalker.

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Round ID might actually be 37859, not sure.

I mean it’s much better when some interaction occurs between players and departments, you can refuse of course. But saying yes and then just not doing it is a dick move. When somebody asks me about something I make that a priority because I would feel sad for not doing it.

IC issue

This would fall more under R2 honestly.
In which case it’s not really a rule break given the fact there was a wizard at the time.

This is definitely an issue, their entire say log is fairly LRP in all honesty.

As I said earlier saying ‘Bruh’ once isn’t an issue on it’s own.

Report Processed