Player Report: Greenshift player repors: Ron Kovic, Plasteel Pyrite, Peacekeeper Cyborg-715, Someone in a firefighter mech

   CKEY: PowerfulBacon

   Your Discord:Powerfulbacon#3338

   Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Multiple

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 13/09/2020

   Round Number:21227

   Rules Broken:Self antag, powergaming, roleplay etc.

Head of security on a greenshift.
First incident is the chemist a little while into the round

1: The crew is expensive to replace.
2: The station and its equipment is expensive to replace.
3: You are expensive to replace.
4: Minimize expenses.

  • [Common] Peacekeeper Cyborg-715 states, “ANY SHITSEC BOARDING THE SHUTTLE WILL BE KILLED.”
  • Bolted open the armoury allowing everyone to get weapons.
    Obviously the laws can be interpreted in multiple ways, but generally law 1 is don’t let the crew come to harm, however they bolted open armoury and released prisoners who were attacking security.
    [Common] Peacekeeper Cyborg-715 states, “SEC JUST KILLED A UNARMED HANDCUFFED GOLEM.”
    Borg apparently cares about non crew now.
    Peacekeeper Cyborg-715 Announces:
    Security records deleted due to sec being shitters

Plasteel Pyrite (On the shuttle)
Attacked me for no reason.
I stun baton them.
Beat me to death.
Claim they could do it because they are a free golem and follow lavaland escalation, however they attacked first.

Unknown mech in security:
(Sorry this one will be a pain to look at since I don’t have the name).
Firefighter mech comes into security and starts drilling the door, tries to drill me, I move, they start shooting me with a plasma cutter so I gun them down.

Apparently a lot of the officers were being shitsec this round too, with hierlooms being taken and people being arrested for little but I cannot confirm this since I didn’t see much of the other officers in the round since was too busy dealing with the revolution.

The revolution wasn’t actually cargo, it was an assistant in cargo who was just making up things to get people to attack and trying to provoke security into attacking so they could shoot people.

Ron Kovic
One of the people that started with the cargonia
My only interactions with them that round was hearing them going ‘cargoniaaa’ all round over comms, before they attacked me with a sonic jackhammer for arresting someone in cargo who refused to drop weapons.

That’s as far back as my chatlogs go, but there were a mass of other things to that were just overlooked such as a chemist making voice activated suicide bombs roundstart.

Anyway that’s my perspective, I’d like to see what everyone elses were since I am not really sure what the other officers were actually doing.

Thanks for the report, I was admining during this round and it was a horrible mess of 20+ tickets with accusations flying all directions. It definitely needs a second pair of eyes.
And yes I agree with the observation that the cargonia memes were not actually started by anyone actually assigned to cargo, it was all instigated by non-cargo staff for whatever reason.

I was a Cargo Tech and early into the round QM said he doesn’t want to declare independence or mess with sec, but he did order a bunch of surplus crates later on and opened them with plasma cutters and a ripley mech that i built.

I believe I was Plasteel Pyrite; I came near you but did not attack, you stunned me first so I punched you.

Either that or lag caused me to spas out and attack when trying to open a locker/door.