[Player Psuedo-Report / Request / PSA] Unknown Player: Cryo Etiquette

In-game report:

CKEY: MarvintheParanoidAndroid42

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024/03/31

Round Number: 48204 (I think this was the right round. It’s the Event Round today)

Rules Broken: Be Excellent to Each Other, No Griefing

Incident Description: Had to leave the round early due to an untimely minor emergency. Went to cryo, to free up my spot, to find that both cryo pods had two mice stuffed in them, which take a long time to empty out. Had to have an admin force cryo me so I could leave.

Additional Information:

I don’t want to get anyone punished for this, because it is somewhat funny, but rather as a PSA (because we all know that the most active place on the forums is the Player Input section.)

I’ve seen it in a few rounds now, and although funny, it does prevent people from leaving the game. It’s similar to messing with the arrivals shuttle. Please don’t do it, or, if you do have to stuff mice in, only put a mouse in one cryo pod, so that others can leave the game if they need.


I was present in that round but did not do it that round - though I have shown others how to save innocent maints wildlife from evil janitors and engineers.

  • If you do it, leave a pod open. Ideally do it before the ten minute mark.

  • There is to my memory, a back up cryopod in every medbay.

  • If youre a morph, dont eat the dang cryopods


same goes for swarmers. dotn eat cryopods

Worth mentioning that there is extra an cryopod in genpop.

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Honestly I thought the “mouse, has been moved to cryostorage” was some kind of weird bug or like flavor text. I didn’t know you could even put non-player mobs into the cryopod at all!


…why is that a thing? Huh?

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I think once I made literally a rat room in maints, no vents, no wires, just rats and a minimoog playing the mickey mouse club theme

m-i-c,k-e-y, m-o-u-s-e, mickey mouse (mickey mouse!) mickey mouse (Mickey mouse!)


Now that someone is assigned to this, I’m just going to admit to knowing that this specific instance was me. The event round. Revolutionaries. Terrible round, really. I was a janitor, and run with the pacifist perk by typically trying to save as many maint mice as possible, which is usually keep in a briefcase or duffle bag.

I was captivated by the idea of cryoing mice after I saw it done, and happened to come across two mice fairly quickly. This alone is rare, as a number of people kill the mice and i dont always beat them to them. I was unaware that you cannot reopen those cryopods until after i had put the mice into them, and tried to open one back up. my bad there. But its harmless, and it was just an unlucky coincidence.


No worries, this is almost exactly what I wanted to happen. I mostly wanted to just get a message to you so in the future you don’t prevent people from leaving the game if they need to. Unlucky, yep, just problematic for denying access to a mechanic that is used to properly leave the game for people.

This can be closed since contact was made!

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everyone loses


This in and of itself seems to just have been something that shouldn’t be possible in the first place. Although if done intentionally is obviously a bit stinky.

But it’s fixed now and the report was asked to be closed so I don’t think any action is necessary here.

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