Player Feedback

Include moe than just yo name on those cringe player feedback threads ffs.
Can’t be the only one here that’s shit at memorizing names honk

Who dis?

Admins gay 20 characters

Imagine not using a static name on the forums and the server.

Player feedback threads are full cringe. You can't change my mind.

The point of them is to influence staff in making decisions in the case of admins, mentors, developers and such, that contribute/run/deal with the server. Basically a weak-ass form of reporting if they are being a general dick or, alternatively are a cool dude. For these threads to be looked at and ideally give a clearer picture if someone is suitable for the role they are doing. Note that the person does not create their own feedback thread, for the above reasons.

Hi gusy, I always play with the same name, do you like me :3 UWU?

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suck me off right now i need validation!!!